February 11, 2015

Want to get away? I DO.......


Hello! Anyone remember me?
Strangely, my computer decided to play games with me, frustrate me and incite violent thoughts..........

 Has this happened to anyone else?

        -I could not post a blog as it was hijacked by Scentimental Notes (??) and I did not have the password........REALLY!!!  Who is Scentimental Notes?
        -If I was able to reply, I appeared as Scentimental Notes, Begging for Attention,
        or  Puddin was Murdered ....... SERIOUSLY??!!

My right arm, Agnes, seemed to have fixed this mess.
Lots to catch up on..........

    Thoughts of getting away are much more pleasant, and with that I present our trip for 2015


With many more details available and additional plans in the works, drop me a line if interested. This has just been posted and we now have 7 available spaces left

 Picking up where we last left off.......the winner of the Markham Decorating book is Leslie Harris! Please forward your details Leslie

Debbie Freitag, still waiting for your mailing details!

Two more books have been added to my review line up, will get back to that on my next post.......8 more to go!

               France inquiries and book details can be addressed to debra@scentimentalgardens.com

                                                              With affection, 
                                                  (AKA Puddin was Murdered)


  1. I have missed you! I hope all else has been well!

    This trip looks magical.

  2. Doesn't that all sound just marvelous? YES. It is one of my life goals to take a Debra trip.

  3. Debra,
    Oh how I wish I was able to join your group to travel to Paris!
    Remember, you asked me why the comment showed up as coming from Begging for Attention? I even looked at my computer settings to see if it was on my end. I'm glad you were able to get it resolved. Computers! You can't live without them and you can't throw them though the window when the frustrate you!
    I'm so happy you're back, although you've been so generous with your comments, I've felt like we were still in touch, even without your wonderfully talented posts.

  4. This sounds like a fabulous trip and to see all of those gardens with you would be amazing!! Computers…can drive you crazy can't they?!! Happy Thursday, Debra ~

  5. Sorry about your computer woes...been there, not fun! What a trip...sounds incredible. I love the itinerary, something for everyone.

  6. Debra, it sounds wonderful! Looking at my schedule.... :) xo, N.

  7. Debra, oh how I would love to get away, especially with this frigid winter weather!! Your trip sounds amazing...one day!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. That trip sounds wonderful! I would love to go sometime! We are planning a trip to France/Italy in July. Would love to go sans husband sometime!!

  9. Glad to see you back, and those trips sound wonderful.

    On an earlier topic: Some time back you posted about painting a velvet chair with (I think) chalk paint. I'm wondering how it turned out. Am considering painting the "velvet" interiors of drawers in an old, small chest.

  10. hello emm
    yes you read correctly. i use amy howard one step paint which has many adhesives in it. water it down 20%. paint as you would anything but go over the fabric lightly. once covered, go back over it with steel wool, medium grade, to bring back the velvet feel
    keep me posted!

  11. I know how you feel about these darn computers...any who...a get-ta away sounds fabulous!

  12. 'Begging for attention' and ' puddin was murdered' !! What a wonderful way to come back and find you still here even if you were demented and hair pulling you made me laugh!!!! Love the sound of your tour and if I ever sell my house I think I just might have to join you. One pink chair occasionally comes out of hibernation blog wise but I have crossed over to Instagram so if you ever visit there please come and see me. xx


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