February 19, 2015

Ready for another book review? Ready for Spring? Temp here today?  -30

The all new revised and updated edition is THE definitive source on gardening from the brand southern gardeners have turned to in nearly 50 years.
This completely redesigned and updated tome features over 1,700 beautiful color photographs and over 7,000 featured plants, many of which this northern gardener seriously covets.
It is all here in one glorious resource
Every section delves deeply into a topic and provides the reader with every detail one might need
A treasure trove of Q & A's, design, care, disease, ..........
I can never see wisteria without the memory of traveling to Charlottesville, Va. for a design project. Seeing wisteria in bloom everywhere, I gasped but was quickly corrected "Do not even think of suggesting that WEED for my garden!" One mans weed is another's fantasy......
Interested in veggies? From the simple carrot to the exotic and heritage varieties, in ground to containers, it is all here
Seasonal checklists guide the reader irregardless of your level from beginner to seasoned professional
This edition is bigger and bolder, covering every imaginable topic with hundreds of hints and tips

This is the single most authoritative source for gardening in the South. A reference book that will be at your side until in a state of tatters, nothing goes unaddressed. This northerner wants a Northern Living. Leave a note, one very lucky reader can add this treasure to your collection.

 Meanwhile, back in Illinois........
It is annual season, ordering for Spring is complete and wanted to share great news in case you did not hear
Big news in the horticultural world, a promising option to the disease ravaged impatiens of the past three years. Downy mildew nearly ravaged one of America's favorite annual. After years in trials they are ready for their introduction this Spring.
  -  14-20" high and wide
  -  5 available colors
  -  Called Bounce because they are quickly revived if stressed.
  -  morning sun, afternoon shade is optimum

With warm thoughts,


  1. Debra,
    This book looks like a treasure trove of good ideas and inspiration. I imagine you and others are more than ready for spring this year. I'm still hoping for rain in our drought ridden state of California.
    I do have my list ready to begin the garden next month. Feel free to come to sunny California to escape the cold, we could do lunch and go plant shopping. :-)

  2. This looks amazing Debra, and I love Southern Living Magazine so sure this would be a great one! 8 degrees in NC today, but I'm going to quit complaining since you have -30…dreaming of Spring!!

  3. I am a southerner, though my gardening zone is not typical as I'm at 4000 feet in the North Carolina mountains, and the temperature on my porch this morning was 0 degrees! How you cope at -30 is beyond me, though we had windchills in that range the last couple of days up here. I have the old Southern Living garden book, that is tattered, and I'd read about the new one and it's on my wish list. Would love to win it - thanks for the opportunity. That's exciting news about the impatiens. I was devastated when a couple of years ago my bed of impatiens got sickly and wasted - I had counted on them for years in my shady yard (this was when I lived in the Piedmont of NC). I read about the mildew and put in some new dirt and tried some more the next year; the same thing happened. And they said once the fungus was in the dirt it would always happen. Same thing had occurred with vincas, and I was running out of colorful annuals that didn't have to have a lot of sun. So, good news. Hurray for science! If I'm lucky, you can contact me at cwilhill@icloud.com.

  4. I so admire anyone with even a hint of a green thumb. My talents do not extend beyond the threshold of a home.

  5. I am a new Southerner, after having lived in the Chicago area for 30+ years. It is wonderful to garden down here! I actually planted wisteria! The less invasive variety, Japenese wisteria! It is much easier to contain, and I love it!
    I would love to win this book, thanks for the opportunity!! Stay warm Debra!!

  6. Sounds like a helpful book with tons of inspiration...Ill have to check it out!

  7. Just moved to the south and this life-long city girl can use all the help she can get.

  8. I HAVE to get this book. It looks so helpful! Also, very interested in learning more about "Bounce!"


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