February 12, 2014

The Dangers of Blogging.....and AGA stoves

No, this is not an amputation, there is a foot and ankle under this massive wad.  Additionally it could be a symbol for the massively clumsy. Nearly three years ago I ran outside, camera at the ready. The hunt was riding through our property, unusual. It was the perfect autumn day and the sight and sounds sealed the romantic visions prancing through my head of a perfectly seasonal blog post

Anticipating the ideal photo, I told myself, "wait, hold still, back up..............", my head was not engaged. My heel went down off a step, toes went straight up...... S N A P.

Well, I did, until I no longer could. Torn tendons repaired, resultant dead bone removed, I am good to go, in another 5 weeks. But life is good, computer work, reading, Netflix and accomplishing two of many goals, to learn photoshop and blog more often, stay tuned.....
What on earth does this have to do with stoves? If you look closely, you can see mine in the above image, an AGA, and my resultant love affair with a stove/oven. If Bunny Williams can have 'A Love Affair with a House', I can do so with an appliance

A British import, this is the heart of our kitchen. Can you detect the lack of controls? What?! Yes, it is always on. That is correct, the entire appliance is entirely ON or OFF, no in between. However, it is well insulated cast iron and extremely efficient to operate.
The four doors on the front are; baking, roasting, slow cooking and warming. It is easy and speedy
Want to cook on top of the stove, lift the lid. One is for boiling and the other for medium heat cooking. Set the pot slightly off the hot pad and you can lower the heat

It's a toaster!
It is a sweater dryer!
A foot warmer!
A pooch warmer!
I can get lost in these London shops for hours with all the accessories and cook books available. The British call these appliances a "cooker"

AGA's have their own blog, "Lady AGA", with riveting stories  :-)

And of course a magazine. This is a manic obsession of ridiculous proportions. I can hear my friend Mary now, "Oh AGA schmaga"
You will always need a pipe that draws the smells outdoors. Odors from fish or say cabbage will never linger. Conversely, I need to set a timer or I can forget something is in the oven.
One of the better attributes is that mine gets turned off for summer necessitating grilling or reservations
I can see them in a contemporary or old world kitchen
Back to ours. Teddy the cat, lives here all winter.
My husband made the wood surround from old barn wood to replicate a mantle I was fond of
This piece in the center is a wooden ram key stone from a demolished pub in England dated 16thc
The shops uber talented Stephanie Fania painted this scene as a back drop. An image of a painting scheduled for auction was found in an antiques magazine. Stephanie duplicated with some requested tweaks. Painted on Melamine board, it can be removed if needed, and easily cleaned.

Firmly believe she had a touch of fun with this........can you spot the sheep with intentions other than grazing?

It's a long winter, stay warm



  1. I grew up with an AGA, It was heaven....the kitchen was always warm. On winter school mornings, my mom used to put our school clothes into the oven for a while so they were all toasty before we got dressed. When I went to high school and had to do domestic science, I put my pot of whatever on the stove and waited....everyone's else's was bubbling away and mine was doing nothing. The teacher then came and told me that I hadn't switched the stove on. I had no idea that other stoves needed switching on! :) I'm very envious of your AGA, but not of your broken foot Poor you, although some downtime does sound appealing. xx Sharon

  2. Debra, I hope that you get well soon but I also hope that you rest and relax. Watch a lot of movies, read and by all means learn photoshop and then write a blog post for the rest of us struggling with it too!

    I LOVE Aga stoves! Spent an hour this past month at the Aga store in Paris, I love all of the accessories.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  3. Oh no Debra
    Hope you heal soon. My niece just had exact same op. she's been on crutches since nov and still has 5 weeks to go.

    Just after new year she threw multiple blog clots from the op that went to her lungs. Very Very lucky girl. If you feel dizzy demand your family takes you to emergency not like us who made her wait 3 hours first ha ha.

    I know not funny. Best to you and happy new year !!! Ciao xxx Julie

  4. Thanks for this info. What a talented group you have around you. THAT suround is unreal! Where are you located and does he make dining tables? Totally impressed!!

  5. Oh no, you poor thing. I hope the healing of your foot goes quickly for you. Your AGA stove, surround and back splash is GORGEOUS! I have admired the look of them for many years and always wondered how one would cook on them. It was fun to learn from you how it is done. You are more than within your rights to have a love affair with it! Stay warm and cozy, xo Kathysue

  6. Good god, girl. Hope you're spinning around in no time!

    Thank you for the "Aga for Dummies" primer; I've never understood them. They've always seemed a little "Hansel and Gretel" to me but I do like the white kitchen Euro modern kitchen you show.

  7. Ooh Debra, that foot looks painful! Take good care of yourself!

    Every time I get a peek at parts of your house, it looks so beautiful & I'm curious to see more! Your Aga is a dream of mine. About 5 years ago during my last pregnancy, I was on bed rest & spent the time researching Agas for days & days. I knew nothing about them then, but fell in love after a week of watching video Aga cooking classes & reading their history. I started noticing Agas popping up in British movies & tv shows. I believe one of the episodes on the BBC's All Creatures Great & Small tv series shows a farmer's wife popping a nearly frozen & dying kitten into one of the cooler ovens in a box to warm & revive it.

    The sheep painting is fantastic. I got a chuckle searching for the "distracted" one. Lol

    Since you mentioned Netflix: Have you ever seen All Creatures? It's on Netflix instant play, I think. The 1st 3 seasons are the best, but the others are good too. Filmed in northern England you get some great views of the Dales, & plenty scenes of sheep that remind me of your painting. I watch them to unwind.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

    Mend soon!

  8. omg what a post to make me smile this morning. i am so sorry bout the surgery, but the story is so entertaining, it will serve you well for years. the cooker. i had no idea. really none. i only know i bake so much i wear out jennair ovens. true. the wood surround, painting, and beauty of the AGA and the pup are almost too much lovely for me this morning. must seek caffeine.

    may you heal quickly and enjoy your down time (which sounds as though it will be remarkably productive). one more thing. my husband is nearly finished on my geneology and after all these yrs of referring to myself as mutt, i am not. english royalty, william the conqueror, and norway (though i hate that my smarty son remembered that 1/3 of england is also related to will the conqueror).



  9. Debra, Your account of the accident reminded me of something I could easily do! I'm happy to hear you're on the mend and will have plenty to keep you busy---plus we may get to hear from you more often, bonus.
    I love the looks of an AGA, I'm not sure I'd want the down time in summer, I enjoy cooking so much, but the looks of the "cooker" are, and always have been, my favorite.
    I want a British doggie bed for my Madison!
    Such a fun post, my friend.
    Get well soon.

  10. Brilliant post! Wishing fast healing! As to Aga's...i am not one to fantasize much but i have always had a fantasy of an Aga in my kitchen, ever since i lived in England for a year and saw them in friends homes and in all the lovely magazines.

  11. I popped open your post and literally exclaimed "OH!!!"

    Here's hoping you mend swiftly and are enjoying some quality prescription medication!

  12. Don't forget to bring a plastic bag with you when you go outside in this weather!
    You waited THREE years to get your foot fixed? Are we related? LOL!
    Your husband is very talented. May we please see more of his work AND of your home?

    Pretty please?

    In the meantime, get better...do what your surgeon tells you!



  13. I love your stove....your home looks so interesting...the painted piece in the back is beautiful...what a talented girl! I would love to see the rest of your kitchen!

  14. Glad your foot is getting better, and thanks for the Aga primer. When you turn it off in summer, what do you do about simple things like heating water -- or is it just the oven(s) turned off?


  15. I for one LOVE an Aga stove just from your images - so chic and it cooks well - the perfect combination! So hope you get better quickly and take advantage of a little down time and have others wait on you!!

  16. Hi Debra! Oh no! That sounds like something I would do (broke my arm once standing on ice taking a photo!). I hope you heal quickly.

    Love your Aga stove - they cozy up a room without even being turned on, don't they?

    Thanks so much for popping by and for your sweet comment. So glad you will be following along! XOXO

  17. Ouch!! I hope you are recovering well, Debra. I would just sit there and ring my bell - more tea, please :) Love, love, love your AGA!!! I've always wanted one. Your husband did an amazing job with the wooden frame / surround. Very English country house-ish. xoxo, L

  18. Debra! LOVE that AGA! Miss you terribly. Come to NY and let's catch up!

    Eddie and Jaitahn

  19. Debra I am just doing some catch up reading. Loved your gardening post and would someday love to have an Aga. My husband's family in England does and they truly are a delight.

  20. I grew up on a small farm in rural ohio. After a 30 years in the military my family settled in Rural MA... The first this I did was buy an AGA cooker! Our family LOVE, LOVE LOVE our AGA... It was my only mid life purchase. It is truly the heart of our old home... As a grumpy middle aged man... I have to say... I do like your blog!!!

    1. dear "grumpy" you are a man after my heart!


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