January 27, 2014

Shopping.......a birthright

Ever hear the term 'Nominative Determinism?' Nor had I, but I should have as I am living it. Here are two clues;
                      William Wordsworth............18th c poet
                      Usain Bolt........................world champion sprinter

In other words; your birth surname determines your career. My birth name? Debra Byers,  shopping is my passion and my business. I can walk and shop at markets for a week on end, never tiring and pinching myself that it is a piece of my business. Having been busy this month satisfying the aforementioned, here is a look at some of my European finds.

First up, just a few of the antiques found while in the UK last October
Fighting fiercely at auction, this little piggy came home with me. A hand carved early 19thc. advert for a London Butcher. Personality galore, think she should be named Charlotte as there is a copper tag embedded in the wood 'e.e.'

The quality of these images should note an apology, professional-like photography obviously
 eludes me.
c. 1880's traveling trunk belonging to Viscountess Frankfort of Dewlish House in Dorchester, Dorset. This was her silver trunk while traveling.

Door turned trumeau with a vintage plaster I added
Found this shade to be interesting, what do you think?
A trend noted in Atlanta is stripping the wood bare which then highlights the intricacy of the details. This lovely grandmother clock will receive a glowing finish of wax mixed with tinted mica powder
Adore the lines of this 1930's era table, perfect as a console or sofa table. An added benefit is the center opening/pop-up leaf to easily turn this into a dining table. The French seem to have perfected this feature that I have noted from coffee tables to dining tables.
Cabinet from Provence with the original turquoise interior, perfectly aged. 
The series of hearts above are French pastry tins nicely rusted and ideally suited to assembling them into any configuration
In and sold immediately, hand carved panels
Loved this example of bleached wood. A Louis XIV styled table with numerous flourishes and carvings. Perfectly staged with the contemporary lucite chair
The master behind this look is friend, Madame Murielle, who scours her homeland.
Original paint, demi-lunes from Sweden. OK, this is not new to the shop......but needs a good home. Interested, contact me, we will make it happen
                  Every room can accommodate a pair of sconces, as a plug-in or direct wired

      Enjoy your Hunt!


  1. Loving some of those goodies you bagged on your trips especially the Louis XIV table, it's scrummy.
    As for surnames, well my maiden name was Vernon so I haven't a clue what that would make my professions lol but my married name is Claxson so I guess that makes me a loud person? lmao, that's actually quite accurate :)

  2. Amazing finds Debra! Love the traveling trunk!
    Have a great week!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Hey, Debra! How are ya? That pig trade sign is fantastic. Such a nice, smaller sized piece - charming proportions, too. Wonderful treasures gleaned from Europe. Love your eye!
    Stay warm,

  4. That was a super creative way to start your post. Funny that your name was Buyers. Maybe w/mine I should drink or make gin. Was right of me not to take my husband's name, Carroll, as I can not sing at all. Great finds as usual!!

  5. Wow everything is so darn gorgeous! I want one of everything:) That trunk, the painting and that zebra bench could easily find a home in my house:)

  6. Is that a trunk filled with hugs and kisses (xoxo)? Also my maiden name is Boarini and I can only think I was meant to make pasta or the occasional risotto.

  7. So many beautiful finds - but I am mad for the silver trunk!

  8. What gorgeous finds!!! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your hunting with us! Have a fabulous week!!! xoxo

  9. Debra,
    Clearly, your rich link to "Byers" has bestowed you with a talented eye for buying beautiful pieces! [I'm a "Bunch", which I guess means I like a crowd, which works when shopping! :)] The piglet is amazing---love the patina on her. The face of that clock is striking. I also love the settee upholstered in zebra (?).
    I've said it before, wish I lived closer, I'd be shopping your finds.

  10. Oh, please take me on your next shopping trip! You honor your namesake! My name is Bussey, so I'll drive the bus! Deal?

  11. As a Web-er I guess I love antiques and mistery old stuff covored with webs :D
    Great finds, Debra. Loved them all, except for the piglet – it scares me with those eyes, ugh!
    Have a great week. Greetings!
    London Domestic CleanerLondon Tenancy Cleaner

  12. Wow, Fantastic Blog, it’s so helpful to me, and your blog is very good, I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, Keep on going, my friend; I will keep an eye on it.

  13. WOW!!!!!!! I love it all! But my favorite piece is the forest painting!

  14. I love to shop, too...it's addictive for sure. It was fun to go antiquing with you today. I too love the forest landscape painting. Have a great day Debra! xo Nancy

  15. Love the nominative determinism!! My other favorite phrases are: Plausible Deniability, and in regards to Government: Involuntary Non-Compliance!!


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