November 6, 2012

For the love of France

The Dordogne region of France is to me, pure magic. Considered one of the most unspoiled 
regions of Europe in the southwest of the country. Gastronomic France, un-touristed, genteel and medieval France. With my tour group recently returned, I wanted to share this stunning region. 
The land of the prized 'Black Diamonds'; the black truffle. More and more the truffle hunters use dogs versus the typical female pigs, the latter of whom may bite your fingers off for the delicacy. Apparently to pigs, (how do they know these things) truffles resemble the scent of an amorous male boar!
Fairytale castles abound
The region of dizzying heights culminating to the Dordogne River

Market remembrances made me weep, when I arrived home that is, and went to the local grocery chain
Antiques are attainable 
Charming cafes and villages vie for attention
And the gardens! This is Marquessac, know as the "cloud" gardens, high on a ridge, it's boxwood seemingly trimmed with cuticle scissors.

Traditional French gardens are about symmetry and controlling Mother Nature. Viewing is historically from above
We had the lovely 'La Combe'  B & B to ourselves. Our hostess Wendeley Harvey, is a renown cookbook author,  gourmet meals were lain before us like the queens we were for a week. Due to a friend of Sylvia's, Wendeley deviated from her typical format of accommodating chefs and their groups only and will do so again for us next year.

Her charming and naughty companion was ever-present, particularly when backing out of the driveway.
A quick few days in Paris, how could you not!
Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Clingnancourt, the main market. Word is that Vanes may be a good bet too, anyone been?
Ralph Lauren Paris in a once and still opulent Parisian mansion. Sylvia and I wanted everything and could afford nothing.......sigh.........
Loved this simple arrangement outside his shop
Particularly loved seeking out the many floral shops with their massively creative offerings.
In a shop window, one side in French, the other English. Loved this saying!
Bonjour France for now. Reservations are now open for France 2013, September 20th through 28th, hope you can join us!

Next post........Antiquing in England, wait until you see what I found

With love,

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