October 28, 2012

Back in Step

What a summer that was.........blazing hot, drought induced and madly busy!

I was unprepared for the spate of business for both interiors and gardens with never enough time to spare. Good and bad, don't you think? I have missed my readers, and actually my friends and family. But with all that madness I knew that my annual jaunt to Europe to guide a tour and to REST was in sight. Just arriving home, Autumn brings hopes of a return to normality, however Christmas retail lurks nearby.

So what has been going on besides gardens & interiors?
 THIS! Discovered this wine in France and about to begin the hunt for it here and this vineyard in particular. Like Pinot? This will ruin you forever. This strictly red wine girl is hooked on Sancerre!
 Have always liked Dash and Albert rugs, I jumped in and am carrying the whole line. As an introduction to my readers, enjoy free shipping and a 20% off first order discount. (good until 11/28)

 NEST candles, ahhhh, our favorite scents and a top seller in the shop. As a good client, we were invited to a private party at Laura Slatkins home on the upper east side of NYC, her 8 story private home! OH MY, OH MY! I fear I did not make any friends. Upon entering her massive dining room, the period empire table (seating 20) was surrounded with her new fragrances. Picking up a bottle by it's lid which was my first mistake as the bottle departed it's lid and landed with a massive thud on the said period table, after silencing the room and much visible heart clutching later, the hostess managed to avoid eye contact with me the remainder of the evening. (nothing like getting noticed in a crowd)

Oh and this "star" was there with an entourage (for the uninitiated, this is Dina of the Jersey 
housewife fame)

ANY free time was spent here, gathering gorgeous inspiration, fab recipes and interesting D-I-Y projects........I am sadly addicted

Found a new blog I like, 'The Caledonian Mining Expedition'. Take a peak

Discovered this stunning perennial, Gentiana. The most vivid blue flower that blooms nearly all summer. Great for the front of the border. Mr. 5th has joined my business and reluctantly taken on the ordering. I was siting nearby when he was reading my handwriting and placing the order. Gentiana was  ordered like this......."I would like 24 genitalia!" i over heard and matched the roar of laughter from the other end of the line. "If you tell anyone this, I will never order again!" shhhhhh 

Never would have guessed my "dream" vehicle would be a 1935 Ford pick-up truck. 
Purchased from a friend, I thought with the proper signage it would make a nice vehicle marketing my landscape business, don't you think? Only problem is the learning curve, so far I cannot get the double clutching down. Beware if you see me on the road!

We recently completed our group tour to Dordogne France and to Paris, will share in the next post. 

Then it was four glorious weeks in England, scouting for next year's English tour, catching up on sleep and rest. Oh and shopping, wait until you see what I found!

 Thank you to my dear friends and hosts Sylvia and Joe for housing me, feeding me and loving me in the magical town of Sherborne, England

Let's catch up, I miss you all

PS:  working on a new look for my blog, not there yet. What do you think so far?

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