June 9, 2012

A trip to France

Yes, it is another voyage. After London Sylvia and I will be escorting a group in France!

Straight from Paris we are taking the fast train to the region of Dordogne in southwest France. This region stirs my soul.......
It is the deeply Medieval portion of France, turrets and Chateau's abound.

The terrain is both bone chillingly steep or green and serene
Dordogne is additionally the gastronomic center with abundant farms and orchards, wine and cheese

Truly every village has it's own charm and that is what we will do when we first arrive, stretch our legs, wander a local village and drool over French antiques, stop in a cafe.........

Our local guide Victoria, a friend of Sylvia's from England will share her private garden with a wine tasting. Her garden is called 'La Comedie', truly a woman with a great sense of humor!
Our accommodation is 'Le Combe en Perigord', a deeply rural Inn that doubles as a French Gourmet cooking school
Where we will dine each evening. Enjoy or roll up your sleeves and partake 
Day 2 will begin with a truffle hunt, a man and his dog 
Each afternoon Victoria will guide us to exquisite cafe's, often Al Fresco
Chateau Marqueyssac, steeped high on a perch overlooking the cliffs and valleys
The original owner planted 150,000 boxwoods in the mid 1800's! All sheared into flocks of sheep, clouds and other fanciful shapes in this romantic fantasy garden with scenic walks, waterways
 and roses

The Medieval village of Sarlat hosts a renown market where the streets are closed to traffic and wares are lusciously displayed with cheese, wine, antiques, flowers............
And olives........an overwhelming array of olives
This town has preserved it's origins and only lights the streets in the evening by gaslight
Chateau 'Le Jardin du Manoir d'Eyrignac'. Again, exquisite French gardens, a lovely Chateau and stunning views

Shifting gears to the sport of antiquing
Onto the magnificent village of Domme. Founded in the 13th century it clings to the sides of cliffs. Originally chosen as a safe haven from marauding enemies, you could always see them coming. The  first time I visited Domme it was encircled by hot air balloons, we were dining Al Fresco with a delicious wine and a realtor. I was convinced we needed a second home, Mr. 5th was not. That comes up occasionally, you see it was the franc then and one dollar equaled 6 francs.......we will never see those days again!
The Chateau de Millange, previously owned by American Josephine Baker. The interiors and gardens remain as she left them
Source: abeforum.com via Debra on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Debra on Pinterest

Staying in a small hotel in the Eiffel Tower neighborhood, the 7th district

Our first adventure together is the Clignancourt and Le Ponce des Ouen Antique and Brocante markets, the largest in the world. Little byways and alleys each reveal a quaint shop or stall. Many many tourists and locals alike.

Paris can be a combination of joining us and/or on your own. There is so much to enjoy, see, do........

Once again, computer challenged, the itinerary is quite small. If you wish to join us kindly email, I will forward them, full size. Hope you can join us! This tour will be closed in one week, sorry to say a speedy decision is necessary
With love,

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  1. Nice post... Beautiful private garden of Victoria. Very beautiful photographs. I am planning my tour to France by car. I am waiting to start touring France by car


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