June 17, 2012

A Room that's a View

What does your "garden room" look like? Is it where you want it to be? I have one space remaining that is shameful.......will make a great "before" and "after" if I ever finish it! But that's another story........, let's explore the anatomy of creating a great space you want to linger in and look out at

First, determine where. I know that sounds too simplistic, it can be adjacent to your home

 Within the garden........or both!

Next determine the style, be it classic
Clean lined
Be it rustic.
Let's get out of the way my standard mantra......."blend everything, down to accessories, to complement the architectural style of your home"

How about your color choices?
Bold and dramatic? Take note how this color way is enhanced with coordinating flowers, a nice touch.

Use the same principles you would employ for the interiors; think of the floor, in this case pea gravel, the ceiling (pergola?) furniture, lighting, to accessories.......
Decking still remains a great choice and as in this example it can be more than just a deck attached to your home
Source: cococozy.com via Debra on Pinterest
How about combining materials, in this instance bluestone and brick?
How's this for a great ceiling?
Source: re-nest.com via Debra on Pinterest
The caption under this image said "get creative with painter's tarps!" Sure looks like linen to me though painter tarps could be great
Source: tumblr.com via Debra on Pinterest
Sailcloth perhaps?
The endless furniture possibilities could include built-ins
Or if your tastes goes toward a more formal tone. Isn't it amazing the types of outdoor furniture available to us these days?!
Source: veranda.com via Debra on Pinterest
Ever classic wicker
And versatile iron
Source: hillhout.eu via Debra on Pinterest
We are forever being asked "what to do with the grill?" Reminds me of the days of armoires while trying to hide the tv's.  I really liked this idea above; attractive, affordable and functional
But I really like this idea........
Source: houzz.com via Debra on Pinterest
Fireplace's remain very popular

Source: homebunch.com via Debra on Pinterest
As do fire pits. More and more clients are requesting fire pits not only for intimate conversations, and entertaining but to keep teenagers and their friends at "their" home. Brilliant don't you think?

Is a water feature a possibility? Fountains in particular muffle extraneous noise while offering soothing sounds
Source: houzz.com via Debra on Pinterest

Even as simple as a birdbath

To a pool
As the main components come together the real fun begins with the accessorizing. A great start are your container choices, be it window boxes
Source: bing.com via Debra on Pinterest
Or window boxes and planter boxes
Concentrate on their style and complimentary color choices. Another bit I employ is to stop inside an interior room that looks onto your garden spaces, do your color choices mirror those in the interior? Is it complimentary to sit indoors and look outside without glaringly opposing color choices?

Lighting? As an integral component of your landscape

The romance of candlelight..........

An artistic approach

Consoles, plaques, mirrors, statuary,  all play a part in pulling together the complete package. This is where you can interject your personality

Tina? Does this not have your name all over it?

Need assistance with stylizing your outdoor rooms? Finding sources? Either in person or via a web design, I would love to work with you!
Just a few spaces left! email me for info

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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