June 24, 2012

A light anyone?

I will admit to having a very strange pet peeve or maybe a better term is obsession, and it involves exterior lighting and it's size. See, I told you it was a bit odd, but since I am unable to help myself with this obsession, let's chat about it here. Perhaps someone else has the same affliction,  or worse.......... this is contagious.

Far too many homes outdoor lighting is much too small;
 People, take a good look at your lights, particularly at the front door. Are they just function or are they form and function? The first two images are appropriately sized and become an accessory (form and function).
This stunning entrance is purely function only. Aside from all the gorgeousness, look at the light, it's too small and appears to have been forgotten when the renovation took place. And wouldn't it look best in black?
Yes, this could be me...........

How about lanterns, on posts?

And yes, do examine your exterior in the evening,  making certain your lighting functions brilliantly. No LED for this gal, I have to have the warm glow, almost golden cast from incandescent bulbs.

My two favorite go to companies is Visual Comfort, the above two. And Bevolo the lower two. They get it, most of their lighting is already oversized.

Here is mine from Bevolo.

After a girls trip to Savannah, I came home HAVING TO HAVE gas lights. Mr. 5th obliged, they did need replacing. Even though our home was built in the 1850's he was still able to add a gas line to fuel the fixtures.
The resultant glow is much more diffused and I would not have it any other way
Looking good! They are at one with the home, the color and style are appropriate, the size, perfect!
And being gas, a double bonus winner!!!

Not so lucky here, it is far too small and screams traditional colonial. I feel a french undertone with this house. How about this lamp below?

Here are some more lights that are too small, seeing the picture?

Now let's examine those that are just right

Source: bhg.com via Debra on Pinterest

Those that "work" are utilizing both form and function. They are a part of the whole.

Lastly, my friend Suzy Stout. To see more about her house, and to drool, go to my former post here. Over the weekend Suzy had a mind-boggling estate sale, she is leaving this stunning home to start another chapter in her life. Don't you think her choice in lighting was perfect? Cannot wait to see what Suzy does next.
 to all, a good night...........

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