February 5, 2011

Trends from the New York gift show

Twice a year the gift show draws shopkeepers and designers who descend upon the show like worshippers to their mecca. Overload prevails while inspiration is drawn.
I wanted to share with you part one, the furniture. Part two will be accessories

Leather.......does it ever go out of style?
I don't believe so, just the shapes and forms differ. This chair makes the hair on my arms stand at attention; Hermes orange with brown piping. Do you love this as much as i do?!

The slim profile, quilted back and loose quilted down filled cushions in a rich tobacco finish.

Linen;  Stronger than ever as it represents the natural and organic

Salvaged, post consumer materials, are all the rage.  Reclaimed wood, particularly from Europe, creates an ambiance of age with fresh designs and a nod to bygone era's

 Salvaged wood and chic concrete bases.
 Typically these boards are thick and strong unlike todays lumber. This tabletop is actually 4" thick
 with beveled edges that scoop inwards

Reclaimed railroad materials are renewed into a bench. The base is salvaged steel.

Blurring the indoors with the outdoors. Individual concrete "books" stacked to form a stunning end table

The prominent color..... Orange!
Case goods, fabrics, accessories and leathers. This drawer glows in the warmth of orange and a seamless lacquer finish.  Not just relegated to drawers, the high gloss of lacquer was everywhere.

 Wool covered drawers

Lucite remains RED HOT.  Look closely at the legs of the chairs.......the khaki chair is upholstered with salvaged Brazilian truck tarps. A closer look at the ottoman reveals a base of lucite

KILLER............a lucite cube with contrasting rustic handles

Swoon................See anything you like?

French side table circa 1770's. A perfect patina of age as the colors and florals lightly fade. The top opens with the original key. But what really spoke to me was the profile....and...... oh those legs!

In our Geneva shop contact;  sarah@scentimentalgardens.com

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