February 13, 2011

NYC Gift Show....Accessories


The elements that give our environments personality are the accessories.

In this, 'Part Two' of the gift show series, I could not wait to share these noted trends and personal favorites
Felted Wool  My long time favorite is everywhere.......love these colorful cushions

Actually this is a small area rug, can't wait to share what I will be doing with this....... and no, not on the floor

Tongue-in-cheek pillows with many charming sayings and colors feel like felted wool but are not. Embracing the heavy theme of renewable, these pillows are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Even better.....so it the insert!

Over the Moon for this product!  Dinner and cocktail napkins plus place mats all dispensed from a   "paper towel like" roll. See the beautiful binding and all the colors? They actually feel and look like linen but are a renewable material that you can wash up to 8 times without ironing and toss.....they are biodegradable. 
Great for an impromptu, a picnic, on the boat, as a hostess gift.................. 

Recycled wood bits formed into a mirror. Yes, we
have seen these before, however the addition of
hammered silver on the tips and interior are new.

Stunning 7' mirrors lined in hammered silver plate
Favorite?  Hands down!!! This chandelier has made it to the Chicago shop and is already up and beaming
The diameter is 30" and makes quite a statement, smaller sizes available but I opted for drama

Lacquer and orange were mentioned in part one as a huge hit. As a perennial favorite for pops of color  mix it with pink. Pull it off with minor changes, that is if your palette is neutral, via pillows, lamp shades and accent pieces.

Very lightweight and fresh for Spring  

Faux Alligator, Ostrich, Cobra..........
Many booths still focus on the bus blind/subway graphics......EMPTY, OVER and DONE! Mind you I say this with a touch of regret. Having sourced real bus blinds from England and having them mounted, way ahead of the curve, leaves me (and possibly several clients) well, ticked e v e r y time I look at mine........

KILLER!!  Remember my mentioning how hot Lucite and Acrylic are? These had me at first glance. I ordered the clear and frosty acrylic horns for a brilliant display when blended together.
Do you know the difference between the two materials?
Acrylic is poured, Lucite is "sheet-like" which is molded and bent.

Wanted to share this gorgeous display.
 John Derian plates overlapped, create dimension, shadows and depth of interest 

Hemp/Sisal area rug but oh that pattern! Reminds me of a rug Nate Berkus owns. Not from personal experience, sadly. Wasn't this on an Elle Decor cover?
PS:  everytime i think of nate i also think of Jenny at MFAMB blog, her song immediately plays in my head....you too?

Fiberclay;  pots, urns, fountains and this. Imagine the possibilities......indoors, outdoors, holding flowers,
candles, especially torch like with all the hardware.

While in NYC I stopped by a RUE launch.
A friend already commented on the "oh so 80's" look of the party cocktail....and he would be correct. However, the subtle taste and scent were divine, floating in a concoction of rum and citrus juices.


                       Nearly every item will make an appearance in one or both of our shops

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