May 23, 2010

Down a country lane.......

A long time dream client, Robin, lives almost two hours away. Out in the countryside.

LOVE those back roads!

Everyone collects for our annual Spring visit to her "Gentleman's Farm".

Suddenly we are all transformed...........WE WANT TO LIVE ON A FARM!

We want to be farmers, have horses, chickens with fresh eggs, Jersey Cows, bee know, the works! ( love that big lower lip)

We suddenly need long scenic views, total silence, privacy, and.....and.......the dreams are rolling in, all romantic and totally unrealistic

Envisioning total peace, calm and simple days of serenity with everything managed by a full staff

Guess what the girls are thinking on lunch break?  "Why don't we live on a farm?!"

 But since this is closer to my reality..............back to work it is

Ok, where was I........yes, wanting to share some of our projects here over the years.
This is the cutting garden. Someday there may be a fence but for now this vintage arbor/gate draws the eye and makes a statement.

Inside the cutting garden looking back towards the outhouse via the 'crazy quilt' path.

Outhouse turned potting shed. We added the 'L' shaped old street bricks to frame it's garden. Each corner is punctuated by my favorite crab apple trees, Malus 'Cinderella',  perfectly formed diminutive topiaries.

With the vast acreage we have created English "rooms", intimate settings that lead from area to area which allows for an element of surprise. By adding the concrete newell posts and bench it is creating a focal point that carries the eye deep into the garden.

Come up the antique street brick walkway, go behind a hedge and surprise! A checkerboard bed.

Playing with texture is critical. Above was set a burgundy leafed Colocasia into the silver Artemesia. If ever you have a bed that feels messy add a large leaved specimen.........instant order!

A developing parterre of Boxwoods in varying shapes and sizes

Hope you enjoyed a small peek into Robin's many gardens. But the best part is we get to come back and up, the interiors!

 Thanks for coming along...............


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