May 1, 2010



Want to go to Paris?

For ten days? 

All expenses paid?

With $10,000.00 in cash?

AND......go to the above show...the epicenter for design?

I DO!!!  And my bags could be packed in a moments notice.

But, there is a bit of work on your must enter a contest via Design-Sherpa. The requirements? Forward one image that reflects your inspiration and explain in 100 words or less why.

The image below is my submitted inspiration............think I should start packing? For Paris or an institution?

This makes my heart soar and sets my imagination spinning. I am overly inspired! Who built this, for whom, what happened?
I love the neglected, the dismissed and the forgotten home or object and dream of what could be.
So many "HOWS" and "What IF'S" .................
-  How would I restore it? Original grandeur or with a twist of Modern?
-  How would I want the gardens to look?
-  Would I make the interiors contemporary and clean lined with a nod to it's period or stay true?
-  What about the fixtures, flooring, furnishings, accessories............ 

So, that is my inspiration what is yours? Write back, I would love to know and so would the judges, you can enter here.


A blog and blogger I treasure is Sharon of 'My French Country Home'. She "tagged" me for 10th photo.
That is to show the 10th photo in your design file. Well............since I recently deleted and cleaned out the photos,  my new 10th is the one below of Suzy Stouts home.

This talented friend allowed me to come to interview and photograph her home and grounds. Suzy is a renown Interior Designer in our region. If you would like to see the whole interview go here. (you will be enchanted)

So in following along I am to mention five bloggers to "TAG". Who to choose? I spent far too much time searching for blogs that appealed to me and to whom I have never previously read or communicated with. Here are five blogs I found to be intriguing and am reaching out to:

Trey Lair of Period Homes

Camila of High Heel Foot in the Door

Christian May of Maison 21

Ness of Marley and Lockyer

Kelly McGuill of O SO D

Happy May Day

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