October 26, 2009

You are cordially invited..............

I am doing it, really..........opening my home for a special event.

Throwing caution to the wind.
I have been asked to do this for years, but I am really not ready,
my home is not ready.............but is it ever?
Still have one more chair to re-upholster.
I am tired of our bedroom "set",
windows should be cleaned......................

Unlike the castle, this is more like it.
In Wayne, Illinois we live in a cottage from the 1850's. Little by little every room, the gardens and the exterior have been restored..............I only have two bathrooms left and big plans are in the future, the artist Patrick and I are brainstorming. But wait until you see his work in the entry, the faux bois walls, I love them!


Wednesday November 11th from 1-5pm. I would be honored if you could join us for a special afternoon.

"Fall into Christmas" 

My home will be pure "Fall", decorated in the splendor of the season, filled with ideas inside and out. 
The shop will be all Christmas, brimming with inspiration. 

The afternoon begins at the shop in Geneva, Illinois. Transportation will be provided to my home where sister and I will be waiting to welcome you. Transportation brings you back to the shop for refreshments and a special discount for all attendees. Fee $12.00. Contact Sarah, our shop manager, to reserve your space.
630-232-1303 or sarah@scentimentalgardens.com Kindly reserve in advance, space is limited.

hope you can join us!

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