October 11, 2009


This still "white hot" trend has always been a favorite. I love the current direction the design world has embraced........."all things tartan", with a sense of fun.

Tartan shouts warm, cozy, fireplaces, autumn...........

A current whim wants to embrace tartan in a huge way, as in re-decorating, completely. That will not happen but elements of the look can infiltrate one's life. The room above belongs to Scott Meacham Woods, a celebrated designer in San Francisco. Enter his world via his blog; Tartan Scot or his design studio Thane Studio.

The trend setter of all things British Isles, for an American audience is Ralph Lauren. I love the warmth this room exudes and the brilliant mix of patterns.

The addition of soft goods in tartan adds instant flavor.

Brilliant choice for re-upholstering, tartan is best suited to an accent piece of furniture

hmmmmm, do any of you share this obsession?

Really need to go to Scotland.........

Of course all manner of fashion is classic with tartan. What is the difference between tartan and plaid? Tartan has been approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority representing a particular clan. Plaid is simply checks and stripes without the pedigree.

No comment

There will come a day when I attend the annual Manhattan event 'Dressed to Kilt'. Will I? Or does one have to be invited? Does anyone know? For a glimpse go here. And may I suggest you scroll down a bit and view the men in kilts dancing down the runway ;-)

With tartan origins dating to the Roman's occupation of the British Isles, tartan's history is fascinating. Each region and then each family of importance, had their own weaver. Clan's, aka families, developed their own patterns. Easily identifiable, you knew immediately if each encounter was friend or foe.

Our paternal grandfather was named Denny and his family originated from Scotland. Above is the Denny plaid. This pattern will be used in my soon to be remodeled guest bath. Artist Patrick Roullier and I are brain storming. The current thought is to have him paint the walls to resemble "aged leather", add real nail heads and faux stitching. What do you think? Check your family name here.

Scottish versus English

Circa 1910, King George and Queen Mary at the 'Festival of the Empire'. Notice the background musicians.

The 1950's perpetuated a staid reputation for tartan.

The 1970's nearly annihilated tartan!
Prestigious Mulberry signature plaid

A more stylish Vivienne Westwood

"Sister, let's go find this!"

A Mini-Cooper!

From fun to fabulous. 'Tartanware' is highly sought after and crazy pricey. These are vintage thimble holders..............imagine that!

Yes, a sterling silver monogrammed calling card case, in "tartan"............ swoon............

Good read, drooling visuals.

I did title this "checks appeal" with good reason.


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