May 26, 2009

The original Edward Scissorhands beckoning.

Annually, I guide a small group through rural England visiting public and private gardens. This is my favorite, Bourton House, in the enchanting Cotswolds.

The first owner, Richard Palmers initials still bear witness in the dedication stone of 1570 on the Tithe barn. Today, this private home and garden, all designed by the current owner is open to pre-booked groups and on her website bourton house.

Everywhere are new areas to discover, formal, woodland, whimsical and tropical all giving homage to the throne.
Who else could have created such boxwood magic but the head gardener Paul, a descendant of Edward. My favorite is the boxwood sheared to resemble a rope. Thought this would be easy, sort of............let me know if you have noticed this at the shop gardens, you would be the first.

Lead cisterns make for excellent containers. Note the array of colored foliage which makes for a more interesting composition.

I have watched Paul at work, asked questions, no avail. What a testament to a man, his string and his pruners.

ps, there is room on this years trip in September!

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