May 13, 2009


As a child I would do the "are we there yet?" or "my sister is touching me!" bit. But mostly was self entertained watching the homes we drove past. Never overly impressed by size but by the details.

I will confess to a serious case of spring fever my senior year in high school. My friend and I arrived at school, glanced at the exit and promptly left for a day of driving around the 'north shore' of Chicago to look at houses.

The tone was set.............

The love of good architecture allows me the freedom of wandering and allowing myself to get lost. See this charming home above, discovered from a wrong turn.

Set in the enchanting micro neighborhood of 'Lockerbie Square' in Indianapolis is a historic neighborhood of bricked alleys, small homes, lovely gardens and interesting architecture.

What is not to love about this home? It evokes a warm and cozy charm, one-of-a-kind details, great color scheme and a sedate garden that enhances but does not detract.

ps; it is for sale!

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