September 2, 2013

Before and After........An Urban Landscape

 I always like to think that problems are a great opportunity to stretch yourself. I welcome them. Often dilemma's steer you into a direction you might never have thought of. And, was this ever an opportunity!

The PROBLEMS;  Upper level deck has a terrible view! Depressing!
On the left side is a neighbors home in pink, white and green......Lily Pulitzer it is not!
(my clients rail is dark blue)

His siding was taupe. Did i say the space was very very small?
My client wanted to replace his sagging deck. "Can you make this inviting, he asked?"
Viola, he loves this space!

The view is greatly minimized
The colorful siding is camouflaged.
It does not feel like being in a cage
A "window" on a pulley allows him to look below or pulled down to block out the world
Let's head down to the ground level before and afters
This is a series of vertical buckets interconnected

I love this container, gray resin, slender, which is perfect for a limited space and how about that inner cut-out?
Then there is the "gangway", a tight passageway between two extremely close buildings. In the urban dictionary it states, "A Chicago term.........
The scattered flagstone was replaced with gravel and MASSIVE pots.
A nook, in need of love

Embrace design dilemmas, you never know, they can lead you down a path of creativity

Thanks for coming along!

The winner of the Tom Scheerer Decorates book is Steve of An Urban Cottage Blog. Enjoy Steve!

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