September 29, 2013

Creative Women

Oh have i ever been AWOL! 
Such a crazy time; landscape designs and installations soar as Fall is truly the best time to plant, an out of state landscape, helped move my Mom whom then fell scarily ill, but all is on the mend, and lastly preparing for my annual England jaunt for a glorious 3 1/2 weeks, a magical time to catch my breath, re-group, see treasured friends and re-spark the creative juices!

Speaking of creativity, let's put our feet up and enjoy the rewards  of women artisans, in photography, art, and design. If nearby, come on over to our event on October 3rd for a night of design and your own creativity. 

Nancy Villwock,  Photographer
A friend and neighbor, Nancy Villwock, is a self-taught photographer extraordinaire. Nancy can photograph any topic but her particular passion is animals, our beloved pets.
Look at this guy, in action, muddy paws and all, I could fall in love......
This handsome little guy is the love of my life, Cooper, my Cardigan Corgi, with his ever-present frisbee, surveying our party to see who would play next
Nancy's images are soulful, capturing the essence of each animal

Nancy has a gift for setting the scene, her backdrop here is reminiscent of a french impressionist painting and the green of the backdrop plays off the green of the chair.......a masterful composition and to me what separates the good from the brilliant

Hope you will visit Nancy, here

Sandra Mehl, artisan

Then there is the talented artistry of Sandra Mehl. Sandra is a part of the Scentimental Gardens family, you will often find her at the shop on Saturdays or Sundays. She truly captures the essence and nuances of each animal.
This handsome boy, a Boston Terrier, is on 6 x 7 colored paper, a gouache, "tightly" painted. It could be a photograph the detailing is so strong.Time to completion is 13 hours.
Painted "loosely" in watercolors on 7 x 7 watercolor paper. Time to completion, 4.75 hours
Then there are the two little Jack Russell terriers, pencil and graphite on drawing paper, 6 x 8, 
 6 hours each
These two dogs are my friends Mary's, Clark above, is no longer with us, Finn below, is her current pooch. Clark was a real character in a moment of serenity

Sandra unquestionably captured the spirit of each dog, exquisitely.
What art medium do you prefer? I would love to have Cooper immortalized and can't decide. I am leaning towards the gouache. Being an artist has long been a fantasy of mine and look upon Sandra's work in awe that three different mediums are equally mastered.
By the way, I mentioned the hours for each work should you consider engaging Sandra, she charges $27.00 per hour, which I believe to be a bargain, for the quality of work, for an original. A photograph of your pet is all she needs. If you are so fortunate to have that photograph via Nancy above, it's a true win/win

          Linda, 'Calling it Home' blogger and the 19 designers

Have you visited the uber talented Linda at one of my favorite blogs, Calling it Home? Recommend a peek if you have not been. Linda runs a series twice a year called the ORC, aka
'The One Room Challenge'. Linda chooses 19 talented blogger/designers who guide us through the process of creating a room. For 6 weeks, each participant explores the before's, the during's, the how to's and the completed room, theirs or a clients. The upcoming series begins on October 3rd, follow along and enjoy the inspiration

......LOCAL NEWS....... 

                                 An evening of creativity

Great to connect again, now I am off to visit my blogging buddies!


  1. Debra,
    I can't decide which medium I would want for our dogs, but I'm so happy to be introduced to these talented women. The water color pieces are do pretty. Have a wonderful trip to England...I hope you'll share some images when you get home. Wish I lived nearby for the various events you host at your stores.
    Safe travels, my friend.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pet photographs! And the fine art of the the dogs, I cannot decide which I like more but I think I am leaning toward the watercolor.

    I hope that you have a fabulous tip to England! Fall is my favorite time to go to England.

    Have a great week!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am blushing... Thank you for the kind words, Debra. It means the world coming from you! xo

    And Sandra, I have all the admiration in the world for you as I could never do what you do in a million hours. Your work is amazing! I would be happy with any medium, but I guess I would lean toward the watercolor at this moment. I reserve the right to change my answer tomorrow, though!

    Thank you so much for including me in your post. Hope this week is a good one!


  4. Both very talented women. I think I need a portrait of my 'boys.'

  5. What a fun creative post. I could not get some of the images to load, but I do love the work of Sandra Mehl and that photography is awesome! Hope you have a great week.
    xo Nancy

  6. Welcome back, Debra! Sounds like you've been swamped. Glad your mom is doing fine. Okay, now I need to give Panda and Mocha baths to get them ready for Nancy Villcock. Fabulous portraits!!! xo, Loi

  7. So glad to hear your mom is well. Parents are so precious at this later time in life. Thank you for mentioning the ORC. I think it will be really fun. I love the pencil drawing of the dog. It speaks to me. Happy fall planting.

  8. Hi Debra!!! I miss you! Lets get together soon :) xxx

  9. Oh and I totally forgot to mention how amazing those puppies and kitties are, beautiful photos, paintings and drawings!! I must get some for my puppies :)

  10. Dear Debra, I am in awe following along on the progress of ORC!! This is very exciting for me! Oh and the pet portraits are so beautifully done!

    Velvet Pumpkins Giveaway

  11. You are right...both are very both your mom is doing better...sounds like it was a little frightening...

  12. Hi Debra,
    You have had a busy early Fall!!! Hope your mom is much better!

    I adore Nancy and Sandra's work. Having a pet portrait from either one of these gifted woman would be a treasure!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Love their work...glad to hear your mom is on the mend. I am dealing with two aging parents....whew it is a lot of work!

  14. You have a busy wonderful life and I'm just thrilled for you. One day I will go to England with you. Take care, dear friend!

  15. Both very talented! Thanks for the intro. Of course, I'm a huge fan of Linda!


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