August 28, 2013


 So many design books by so many designers enter and pass through my mind with minimal notice, occasionally my attention is snagged and my interest piqued. Then here comes the publication of the design tome of Tom Scheerer's work, a triple win with the inspiration of Tom's aesthetic, written by Mimi Read, whose articulate prose and probing mind makes a great read only enhanced by the photography of Francesco Lagnese.  Brilliant!

In advance of the September 10th release, take a sneak peek with me and as usual I am always fond of giving away my reviewed books, simply leave a comment.
Per the author, Mimi Read, "His decorating looks a great deal like him. It's tall and commanding but often quiet. It's smart, correct and breezy, chic, well edited - and just a touch eccentric. It balances." 

In an age in which houses exhibiting unchecked exuberance, high drama, or conspicuous luxury get all the attention, he has cultivated his own more restrained brand of chic, a look he describes as "cheerful" and "no nonsense". Refreshing isn't it?
But his rooms are so much more.........
Whether urban, country or beach there are ever present, the element of organic nature with a  classicism, old fashioned decorating and a clean modernist sensibility. This entryway would please me personally to come home to.......stunning in a quiet way 

Channel Albert Hadley, David Hicks and Billy Baldwin that he updates with his own life experiences and his era

Tom Scheerer is known to favor natural material particularly pecky cypress, cork and stone, cuban swirl tiles and of course, found objects
Mad for this wallpaper pattern, a signature in his rooms

This delicious coffee table book is difficult to giveaway, but like items in my shops, a moment of possession is all i need.
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  1. LOVE Tom's work, can't agree more. Love that you share the love and give away your review copies!

  2. This is a one of a kind book to own. I really enjoy having great books on hand to read.

  3. Hi there Debra..recognize a number of his iconic spaces...beautiful! Hope you are enjoying this last week of summer..hard to believe its just about over!

  4. Love the mix of textures and colors! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I can't wait to get my hands on this book, Debra! Think I need to stock plenty of copies at my shop. So looking forward! Yes, indeed!!

  6. I know (and love) many of these rooms from seeing them on Pinterest but didn't know who did them. I would love to have a copy of this beautiful book!

  7. I won't lie -- I'm obsessed with colored grasscloth wallpaper!
    Aren't you glad wallpaper's "back"? I am!
    KAY @

  8. You always inspire me ! Thanks for explaining why I collect "treasures". It's all part of a game I play...possess and release.

  9. This book is exactly what I need to expand my horizons in my little stucco home in Memphis. I love the comment about "conspicuous luxury"-so very true of so much design work. This home has a look of a comfortable museum that you love to visit many times over the year-beauty, gentility, the unexpected. I can't wait to study these pages in detail and "think outside the box" in my home. So glad you shared this wonderful selection.

  10. Totally love his style - the "S" chairs, the oversized prints and the Clarence House wallpaper! I think I need this book!!! M.

  11. I love the entryway, with the sleigh bells on the back of the door!

    I bought some paint from your very helpful staff last week, over the phone! Great attitudes and professionalism!


  12. Debra,
    Wow, I love his juxtaposition of modern clean line furniture comfortably mixed with antique pieces. I even love some of the wall papered rooms. I thought my days of wallpaper were over but this has me revisiting the idea. You've selected fabulous examples for us, no surprise there. How fun, I hope I win! :D

  13. Debra,

    What a lovely looking book. I'm not as familiar with Mr. Sheerer's work as I think I should be. The image of the entry hall is by far my favourite. Of course any room with lots of great pictures of birds is bound to get my attention.


  14. Wonderful pictures; those are elegant rooms but very much human-friendly. I'd love to add that book to my library.

  15. Who wouldn't love to own a copy of this book, judging by the peek you have given into its wonderful and beautiful ideas!

  16. I love how he uses some of the same wallpaper in so many different types of houses. It just instantly changes a space! I'm looking forward to having this book in my lap so I can soak in the spaces!

  17. I love how he uses some of the same wallpaper in so many different types of houses. It just instantly changes a space! I'm looking forward to having this book in my lap so I can soak in the spaces!

  18. Thank you for introducing your readers to this extraordinary work. The designs ARE cheerful with exacting attention to detail. The blend of found treasures with winning wallpapers, crisp colors and fabrics is masterful. It is smart and exacting without being intimidating. I would love to find myself in any one of the lovely spaces you've tempted us with. Can't wait to see more!

  19. wonderful use of color and print--so inspired. this would be a lovely addition to my stacks!

  20. complete genius! I rarely say that; as I am OLD!!!

    Bravo! Great book!


  21. I would love to give this book a good home...thanks!

  22. Debra- Tom Sheerer is so wonderful. You have to see what he is up to because he uses the delightfully unexpected in such a fun, casual way! If I don't win, I need to find a way to get my hands on the book - lovely review.

    Would you like to visit my new website EcoHappy for info on my GIVEAWAY? My friend Alicia's blog is hosting a Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Meredith necklace giveaway, it is low entry right now (20 entries) and she is drawing a winner this Sunday.

    The necklace has a beautiful botanical reference - I would be so happy if you were to win it, it would suit you well!


  23. Loved finding your blog. If you love it then I love it as I always admired your eye. A voice from the past. Laura Waldrip French Market Antiques

  24. I'm going to have to get his book...looks great!

  25. Wow. This is inspiring me to edit and clean up today. Love seeing the bentwood pieces in a new light.

  26. The interior style is perfect for that home! Such a beautiful and refreshing collection of antique furnishings. Custom Built Homes


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