December 16, 2019

My homes outdoor Winter Decor

Hello Hello, anyone still there?!?

I am always thinking....."I need to blog about that!" 
Then don't....what is wrong with me....instagram, that is what is wrong with me, my latest love! 
It's Sunday night with a great wine in hand, join me as I share the exterior of my home.
Now it's Monday early morning, in a hospital waiting room while Steve has his 2nd hip replacement op, did you know this is OUTPATIENT?!!!!

This year we  opened our home, fully decorated indoors and out. Surprisingly this was Steve's idea, instantly I said not a chance, there was so much to do; rooms to update, minor renovations, a new sofa, etc. Then visions of a completed  'honey do list' danced in my head, my recovery was quick. So the last two weekends we opened the doors and welcomed guests!
This 1850's house, reveals surprises at every turn. This portion, above left, was added on in the 1940's

Look around your home for inspiration and something to decorate, a lamp post, a mailbox.....
A bench, many options. To this day a friends son was in his Mom's car, mid winter. Slow down he asked. But it's winter, there is nothing to see she claimed. This small lad understood, On no, there is a lot to see, he shouted!
Here in Chicagoland, winter is a good 5 months, we still pull into our drives and we still look out our windows

The original portion, was once a one bedroom farm cottage. On both sides of this path are vintage doves from England covered in moss and lichens. In bringing attention to them Red Twig Dogwood sticks were inserted before a freeze, adding color to the drab winter scene. Oftentimes, the dogwood will begin to sprout come Spring

This will take a bit to explain...a warning that is rarely good.
So I wanted something different, out of the box, cause people to pause, and believe this achieved that goal. Seeking large branches with an offshoot to nestle in a nest was first, then they needed to match somewhat
Within the offshoot branches a nest was created and secured, via grapevine wreaths, different eh?
This is really difficult to photograph and we had a professional!

 See the nest?????
Exiting the house is via our family room, onto a terraced courtyard also built in the 40's. 
Back in the day our Family room now, was a dress shop. Deep in a wall while renovating was a calling card; 
Abby Louise Legg, fine couture. $10.95 and up
Having once met one of her models, she said ladies came for high tea and a fashion show on this terrace

A cone shaped vessel holds green and berries, come Spring, flowers

Inviting our guests onto the patio for cookies and hot cider by the fire

Coned cedar, preserved topiaries, blue fir and faux berries. hard plastic only, never styrofoam which splits and bursts

Descending from the terrace onto the pool garden starting with the pump house. See another pot, here is a close up
Up close. Painted birch sticks, blue fir, feather eucalyptus, podded eucalyptus (note, never bring these indoors. As they dry you will think a litter box entered the room!)
Purple cabbage left over from an Autumn planting; yes they stay nice all winter
My metal fern fronds usually reside in the midst of a fern bed. For the season, enhancing a trough and blue fir
Just for grins and with seemingly time on my hands (never!) the decision was made to insert feather eucalyptus into the mesh table top because...why not?! The next day winds were 60+ miles an hour, all held tight

Notice how I love objects in containers? Here is a hitching post.
BTW, Steve built the pass through topped with a functioning antique weather vane.
And he built the double decker birdhouse in the left corner
Thank you for visiting! Next up the interior
A bit off topic is a container our brilliant team created for a client, my fav actually;
Yellow twig dogwood sticks, blue fir, weeping cedar, dried pods, and faux (hard plastic) blue berries. Isn't it gorgeous?! 
Thank you Gerrit and Kim πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thank YOU for visiting!


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  1. Oh Debra, this is quite a treat. I completely understand the whole blogging thing (to blob, or not to blog, that is the question---ha). I have always hoped for a tour of your garden and home because you are one of the most original and creative designers I know. I study each of the containers you and your team have created for your clients. Your yard and grounds are wonderful and so lovely. I look forward to a peek at your the interior of your home. See you on Instagram.
    Friend and Fan,

  2. Oh my you made my day! Can't wait to see the interior!! Beyond, beyond amazing. You have more talent in your pinkie than most of us have in a lifetime! Hope Steve is recuperating at a clipper pace. I am sure he is. Wow I have heard they are doing them as outpatiens now!

  3. Debra, your outside decorations are unique and so beautiful! I especially love the doves and your entry nest arrangements! I can't wait to see the inside decor!

  4. thank you for sharing the post, I love that fireplace it is amazing. I always love the idea of having fireplace outside the home, since we do not have a patio or backyard we simply feel fancy for homes built with one on the exterior. thank you for sharing this post.
    interior design blog


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