January 30, 2017

Design Notes from January Market, 2017

Hello All

I am recovering from my Atlanta buying trip, driving my van down,  pulling my 22' trailer, for an 11 day trip. Other than driving days, it was walking 10+ hours everyday at the gift show, and at Scotts antique market.
Self induced pity party? Not one bit, I love this trip, twice a year, it is major eye candy & inspiration!

Only one trailer incident this time....I forgot it was there, yes that happens....to me, as I pulled into a drive-thru, hitting a pole on the way out

So.......how was the show? Thrilling! While looking for trends, items for clients homes, and more for the shop, I noted repeated design elements, let's look.........

Everywhere..........gray is still wildly popular but this is a welcome addition. Navy lovers, rejoice!                                                                                                                                  

As in tactile, from the soaring popularity of short pile velvet, to wicker, to lacquer to stubby linen, both visually and via touch
Short piled velvet appears heavily in furniture from sofa's, ottoman's, chairs and pillows. As long as we stay away from velvet "art"

A tactile collection for a client

Very cool pouf & so textural

The act of liming heavily grained wood, such as oak
A backdrop of nude, to black and every color in-between. This is actually a very easy DIY, I'll do a separate post on this technique

Rugs as Art work

And yes, gray predominates

The natural stone used alone and propped on stands is often seen, but particularly in decor items, from tiles, wallpaper, lighting, mirror frames, and art

A tile


 Vintage resurgence and newly designed. Also love the layering technique here

Hardware, and is it ever gorgeous, jewelry for your furniture

Gold with grays is a warm look
 Shadow Boxes
Have fun with this, small objects, ephemera, collections, etc............. are elevated when encased and displayed

This and those below are linen backed shadow boxes, for the wall or tabletop. LOVE! So, what did I do? Ordered like a madwoman seeing the last shadow boxes on earth, ever! All different sizes, linen backed, and ready to hang
A twist on a shadow box; place an image, or flat object between the two decorative acrylic panels, attach with included bolts and hold pieces in place with magnets. Really charming with children art

Other details that caught my attention.......eye lash fringe on Lee Industries slipcovered chair
Maybe my ordering these were a bit aggressive......real look foliage for place holders
Marbleized..........These gorgeous trunks are headed to a client, yummy!

Have a great week


  1. Debra,
    You do have an eye for the wonderful! The navy blue chair at the top is especially fetching. I love the items in the shadow boxes and velvet is a favorite. Sounds like a good kind of exhausting. Hope you have a fitbit to tell you how many steps you took. :-)

  2. Love the Atlanta Gift Show. Love all of the shadow boxes with art. And that Yellow Agate Lamp, that is to die for. Actually I think those leaf place cards are wonderful. I will have to take a visit to the shop soon. thanks for the great post.
    Best Regards,

  3. You had a great trip! Lots of cool finds, my friend. Love the marbled trunks. They remind me of Venetian marbleized paper. Any signs of spring in your garden yet? My little snow drops are blooming - yay :) xoxo

  4. dear loi
    much fun! not an iota of spring.......but.......when it does it means the landscape season roars into action, and not a moments rest. ahhhhh, winter!

  5. So many great finds, I love the shadow boxes! I would love to go to Scotts one day I see it all over blogs, but frankly my house is already bursting! Have a great week! How is your pup?

  6. i'll do a pup update, he has turned out to be a great dog....phew!

  7. Loving all of your finds and this gets me excited for High Point in April! The texture and gold are favorites! Happy Tuesday!


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