December 8, 2016

Winter Containers 2017

We're on it, we are racing.........never enough time........tis the season!

At the start of our first container installation, a small staff gathered, supplies in hand. The thoughts of I am too old for this, swirled in my head. Gaby, our new trainee, excitedly told us she searched Pinterest for inspiration and found 6 images that spoke to her.
 I beamed, that's ours from my former Chicago shop!!!
We looked at a few more when she saved the best for last
This was too much fun as i said turn around. There it was, empty and waiting behind us. She was horrified, I was pretty stoked
And here is this years, dressed in glittery Sinamay ribbon which can be removed after the holidays

This clients interior is silver, white and plum, cabbages and plum dyed Eucalyptus links it together

Don't forget your views outside your windows, anything is subject to adornment

Believing that your containers, at any season, should mirror and reflect back your homes exterior, this clients gorgeous shutters called for enhancing. The deep blue of Carolina Sapphire cuttings did the job. All red berry sticks we use are hard plastic, lasting season after season. Real berries immediately turn black and drop, styrofoam, even plastic coated, explode

Now it's on to finishing interiors.

Magical isn't it? My friend Marsha's gorgeous home, dressed for the holidays
Next post......the home we decorated for the Geneva, Il. Christmas house walk. My favorite client and favorite home in town. All four stories, every room and a two story coach house. And it's for sale!
                                                         Enjoy the season!


  1. You are the master designer of container gardens!! All beautiful, Debra! And so festive. BTW, can I please move into Marsha's enchanting home? :)
    Happy Holidays ahead!

  2. Debra,
    To this day, every single urn, window box or home (for that matter) you touch absolutely seems magical. You capture the season with a style that I love!
    I hope you're working on training your dog to drive and deliver packages...that would be helpful, right?
    Best of the season to you, my sweet friend.

  3. Oh my goodness. I have been looking forward to this post. I have been craving something magical, creative, like nothing I have seen this season. My favorite is the bench. It is positively enchanting. You are amazing my friend.


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