April 27, 2016


My head is still in a whir of all the beauty I saw at the recent High Point Market. Next post I'll share!

One line that struck me were these signs. Actually I have long tired of signs and sayings in one's home, haven't we been there, over done that? 

These were different, what do you think? I just could not resist ordering for the shop

 The fun of this sign is that you get to choose your 10 favorites, this is from a wife to her husband.  Think of your Mom, any Mom would love this, newlyweds and graduates, tis the season

In the same vein, this is completely customized and in this case a father to his new born twins. I can think of so many 'telegrams' I could have made, for so many reasons, for so many people...LOVE
The Mom that began this company wrote and made this for her children, when they were young, this would apply at all stages of life. This is one of the most popular items in her line.

Have a message? Why wait?

with love,


  1. I love these signs! I think a lot of people would love these and will make a great addition to your shop!

    I hope that you are having a great Spring!

  2. Debra,
    I'm with you on the sign overdo but these are different, personal and wonderful. I love the one with the message to the child. You're right, the message applies throughout one's life, no age restrictions on that. :-)
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend.
    P.S. Can't wait to hear about High Point.

  3. Hi Debta,
    These are darling! I haven't made it to High Point yet and know I need to make the treck! Cheers!, Barbara

  4. Love seeing High Point thru your eyes!! You always have a way of choosing elements that are different and unique. You are such a creative soul.
    xo Kathysue

  5. I don't like signs in people's homes, especially those made with stick-on letters. While these are certainly more attractive, I still don't like the whole concept. What ever happened to keeping such person sentiments private, not for all to see. I think public display takes away from the importance of such statements. Write them down; give them to those you love, perhaps in a keepsake box they can keep private. Just my opinion even if I am in the minority. XO, Victoria

  6. interesting comment victoria. i envisioned placement in bedrooms, surely not living rooms. anyone else?

    1. Bedrooms would certainly be a more appropriate place.


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