September 23, 2015

Fall containers and dry hands

It's that time again.....Fall containers! Summer plantings are tiring, time to enjoy a renewal and the rich colors of Autumn. Here are a few we planted for our clients
 Once again, it is all about the foliage. A good variety of shapes and colors add punch to any composition.
Plants; millet, rudbeckia, purple cabbage, orange celosia, cinnamon curls heuchera, yet to bloom mums, ornamental grass and faux red berries. The heuchera is a perennial. I love it for the foliage  impact and plant it in the ground before it freezes

 CABBAGE! Add Heuchera 'caramel' and angel vine. See the tufts of brown twiggy matter. This combination provides non-stop color while not dependent upon blooms, even staying fresh through November
 Giant Bor Kale.......Wowza!
 Mixed with more Heuchera 'caramel', ornamental grasses and pansies.
 A surround of small Heuchera 'Caramel' and every other plant, small purple cabbage, ringing yellow mums
Feathers, purple cabbage, celosia and pansies
 You will notice repetion in the plantings, it's what I ordered this year for color and texture. Some of the same with the addition of bittersweet vines and a few purple petunias
 That twisty brown twiggy bit is more angel vine. I chose this spot because I was seeing too much kale stem...stuck it in here and there for interest. A cardinal rule; never leave the stems showing, personally makes me crazy. Yep, does not take much!
 More of the same with artifical ornamental grass "feathers"

 All bittersweet, 20 bundles!
As the mini pumpkins arrive from the farmer they will be tucked in around the base of the cabbage
I did not do this but enjoyed it's creativity. A hydrangea paniculata, Black Pearl ornamental pepper and the yellow foliage of Dicentra (bleeding Heart)

Love blue in the garden? How about navy blue!? Took a couple of blue photographs in my garden. This is Carrion Berry vine. 
Blue Hydrangea and Black and Blue Salvia which in person is cobalt blue
Having a blog has it's perks and this one arrived in the mail after a day of planting containers. With bone dry hands, I cracked open the package to find this product. Amlactin Ultra  which claims to soften severe, dry, areas by exfoliation and boosting regeneration of new cells. Being a sucker for miracle products, I thought, well if this isn't the best test! After a day in the garden, my hands are toast for two days. The next morning, viola, baby soft hands.The manufacturer sent this product for my review and I gladly give it 5 stars!

Well, I am off to catch a plane.....outta here!


  1. Debra You always inspire me with your artful arrangements and these for Autumn are no exception!! The hand cream sounds wonderful!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  2. Beautiful and bold!!! You are a genius, my friend! Thanks for all the ideas - looking forward to planting my outdoor pots. By the way, I love all the footed urns you've shown. Happy first day of fall, Debra. xoxo

  3. Beautiful fall containers, your clients are ready for Fall in a spectacular way. Always good to find a good product for dry hands, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful trip! Au revoir!!

  4. Debra,
    Years ago, it was your container plantings that caught my attention and you have never disappointed. I get such great ideas from your detailed list of plants. There are so many favorites in this fall grouping, but I love the feathers in the urn and the black and blue salvia. Such beauty, my friend.
    I've heard of this cream, I'll have to try it. I usually order the Neutrogena Norwegian formula during the winter months for my hands.
    Safe travels, I look forward to your account of this trip.

  5. Hi Debra...I love the cabbage! All of these are beautiful..I'm going to have to try the hand cream..I did try the witch hazel you recommend and I use it every day!

  6. Your tutorials are just the best....I get so many good ideas from you. Thank you!
    And that cream....I am running to go buy it (actually I will save myself the extra energy and buy it online lol). I am searching for a miracle product like that!! Enjoy your weekend Debra!

  7. You are amazing. These are all lovely but the one with the feathers is FABULOUS!! LOVE IT!! I am going to check out that cream as well!

  8. The short advertisement regarding the hydrating lotion is surprising. But I would like to shout it out that your garden is beautiful.

    Helen Keyes @ certificate of tesol


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