August 30, 2015


Anyone still there?  Hellooooo?

Life interfered.....some good, some bad, like all of us really. Let's catch up.....

On the personal front, I have been helping a dear friend diagnosed with cancer, doesn't it seem like cancer is everywhere?

Then my beloved Cooper's health declined, rapidly, in all directions, he now has a dermatologist, optometrist, neurologist, and an oncologist
Yeah, this guy. Fourteen more chemo treatments and all will be well.
To entertain myself at the weekly visit to the vet/specialist/ money pit, I marvel at how many owners look like their dogs, then I looked down, color coordinated! (my right foot is permanently swollen from ankle surgery, ugggh)

On the business front......slammed! Supposed to be good, right? Well, it is a blessing, but YIKES! When landscapes collide with interiors, there is not an iota of time for mischief

Always great fun/hard work is my semi-annual jaunt to Atlanta for market and antiquing
 My favorite market find were these vinyl floor cloths, gasp! The manufacturers scoured old European patterns of tile and linoleum floors then replicated them, wear and all.
 Printed with plastic ink (who knew?) they will not wear from areas of heavy foot traffic, indoors or out. Nor will they slide with their foam backing. Clever!

My inner lighting freak, loved the design and craftsmanship in this baby. The high design elements in the lighting arena remain astounding, like art installments

The reflective glow from the hammered gold backing is mesmerizing.
Blessing beads, available in a multitude of colors, these make a great gift for newlyweds, new homeowners, grads, a friend in need.....For one of my interior clients, the manufacturer is creating a bead curtain to separate a room, ala 1960's

Mmmmm, everywhere was a relaxed European style of bed dressing in velvet, pure cotton, and linens. I found many sheets in linen, have you ever enjoyed such a sleep? This hard wearing organic fabric improves with repeated washings becoming smoother and more luxurious in texture
Then there is always that piece, actually more than that, way more until your eyes begin to bleed. Look at the size of this vase/statue/WHAT!?

Nothing beats the antiquing down south, here are just a few finds that came back to the shop
This Louisphile had heart tremors, "please do not be sold, PLEASE", I said to myself. A custom side table from the estate of one of the Gimbel descendants, and her Louis trunk below

 Another vintage oil from a dealer friend that sources original art in Provence. And these beautiful clock faces

 Once again my favorite dealer and good friend Lisa finds the most interesting pieces on her European jaunts. If you have followed this blog her genius comes up again and again. But here we are a bit stumped, (theatre periodicals?!) but the look is oh so goooood!
 I bought all 40+ wooden books. Country of origin, Spain.
 Copper clad boxes/tables
 It goes without saying......I just had to have this duplicated!
 Landscaping........Here is a before, this back yard fronting a garage, has weeds 5' tall, this space will reemerge with stone walls, descending steps (yes there are huge grade changes in there), patio and plantings. Stay tuned.......
 And thoughts of Christmas are not far behind, yes Christmas! Here is a glimpse of the home we are decorating this year for the Geneva, Christmas house walk. A pre-civil war gem. This nook, oh to have such a nook; stone floors, stunning fireplace, vintage harvest table, COZY......The homeowner said many a winter dinners and conversations take place here

The predominant theme in holiday decor? Christmas at Tiffany's; garlands  of pearl, faux gems, rhinestones........I succumbed, so so beautiful

Amy Howard, of the Amy Howard Paint and Decorative Finish line, has a new book out. Targeted to the  creatives among us that dream of developing a business. Trust me it is doable and she maps out guidelines for success.

How about your summer? All you hoped for with some fun sprinkled in?
And yes, off to work one day with my client. Pinch, pinch!

Wishing you good health, and endless inspiration, 


  1. Oh Debra, where to begin? I've missed you! First and foremost, I will hold the best of thoughts that Cooper recovers fully and is back to his good health very soon. I had to laugh, I do wonder about the similarities between our canine friends and their owners. Both of my dogs have reddish hair, like their mommy. Ha.
    Your finds never cease to send me down inspiration lane. I love so many of the finds. The blessing beads are a timely find for so many of us!
    Traveling first class for work, have fun!

  2. Oh dear! I do hope your pup is doing better. Looks like a sweetheart. There were a few items in this post that made my heart sing. That beautiful oil landscape in gold frame, gorgeous! And those clock faces!!! What a fun trip. Lovely post.

  3. You are so busy you are making my head spin!! So many great finds at Market!! Love those floorcloths! And the blessing beads!!

  4. So hoping your sweet Cooper gets better soon and sending warm hugs for your friend…Beautiful finds - love the blessing beads and the Louis side table…amazing! Happy Monday!!

  5. Glad to see you back. But sorry it was such a tough summer. Love your finds in the pictures, especially that hanging lamp (lamps?) in green, very interesting.

    And while I'm happy we'll get to see another decorated house toward the end of the year, I'd as soon not consider Christmas just yet, thankyouverymuch.

  6. Emm, you are hysterical. as a retailer i forget, yes, too early to say the word!!

    1. Joking aside, I do hope your dear doggie recovers fully.

  7. So sorry to hear about Cooper....we are just finishing 16 treatments. The first week and the last week are the hardest. First week because you are so emotionally stressed and don't know what to expect. Last week because you are exhausted and your pup is experiencing side effects (sometimes just lethargy). You will get through this, and dogs handle this far better than humans. Lots of good thoughts for Cooper coming your way; make sure to take care of yourself as well as him. And....speaking from personal experience. ...don't spoil him too much. My dog gained 6 pounds during treatment because I kept feeding him all his favorite foods LOL!!!

  8. Debra oh my goodness you have had your hands full, I know how difficult it is to be a loving caretaker, then finally the caretaker needs some respite. Happy however that your pupster, Cooper, is on the road to recovery and that business is great! I really want those wonderful beads with the golden cross!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Sharon Santoni

  9. Have you ever been busy! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos from market. I love the blessing beads! Oh and the Louie table? Are you kidding? Bless Cooper and stay well!
    Cheers!, Barbara

  10. I'm glad to hear that your puppy is doing better...sounds like you are very busy and I'm glad to see that your doing so well!

  11. It is always so great to see a post from you! My goodness you have been busy. First, let me say thank goodness you are able to treat your pup! I have him in my prayers. My 14 year old Munchen passed just 10 days ago and I am devastated.

    Second, please share the information about the house in Geneva, I want to share with my sister so she can go and see it! It looks like a wonderful space to decorate.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. My busy talented Debra!! You are so inspiring. Loved the blessing beads and the floor cloths, it is always fun to see things through your eyes,
    xo Kathysue


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