December 28, 2014

Fireplace mantle post Christmas

How does one go from this

To this? Ok, this is an exaggeration, however once the Christmas decor comes down all feels naked. Maybe it is time for a change. Instead of putting everything back, take a fresh look at this important focal point with new eyes
 Trolling around my Pinterest boards I found many examples, let's take a look.....

Personally I favor an asymmetrical style, it looks natural in appearance. Leave the symmetry for a formal room

The possibilities are truly endless but as in all manner of design within your home, a personal touch is favored. This prime real estate can house your collections, favored art, in essence YOU

Mirrors are a standard tradition, the frames can be interesting, and they expand your space. If utilizing mirrors keep in mind what they reflect. Have you ever seen a mirror that reflects the ceiling, maybe a ceiling fan?

Here we go, a ceilings reflection

This is the idea
And this.
How to avoid? Hang the mirror slightly cocked; flush with the wall at the bottom of the frame, leaning forward at the top
 Naturally when your room possesses both an interestingly detailed ceiling and a stunning light fixture they can be doubly enhanced with a mirrors reflection.

 An obvious spot for a favored piece of art
 Or a collection
 The simplicity, in an otherwise 'busy' room adds prominence to the artwork; all alone and with a dark background lends a 'look at me' environ
 A stunning piece of art can carry the entire mantle
 Or not......

 A symmetrical display with foliage.
 Your florals need not be complex, the simplicity of just greens does not distract from the other elements while interjecting movement and texture
Florals need not be a tremendous amount of work as great faux's these days can provide the effect without a constant change of fresh

 Look around your room and pull styles, objects and existing colors to the mantle

 Simple, and reflective of it's artistic environment with a great sense of movement
 A favored clients fireplace is being remodeled tomorrow. This image is the inspiration. Cannot wait to share the before and after
How about over scaled art?!
I would kill for this!! From the home and book of Atlanta designer, Nancy Braithwaite
Have this book available in my shop, a new favorite!
 Find any inspiration? I hope so. This image and those below are from my pinterest board called VIGNETTE. This is another spot for ideas, these and many other vignette's can provide inspiration for your mantle

Wishing you warmth, happiness and good health in 2015!


  1. Great post! You have chosen so many of the best fireplace images. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Debra,
    Perfect timing. As soon as our family leaves I'll bring taking down Christmas and I'm itching for a few vignette changes. The fireplace is a focal point in our family room and there are some great ideas here.
    I wish you continued good health and happiness in the coming year.

  3. I don't have a fireplace in my home and I wish we did - that is one thing I miss. Its such a focal point like the TV!!!

  4. Love these posts, Debra. Equal parts education and inspiration!

    Happy New Year and wishing you and yours the best for 2015!


  5. Nancy Braithwaite's is my favorite as well. Love her aesthetic. Heading over to Pinterest to view this board. Happy New Year!


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