November 24, 2014

Bits and Bobs

 I am home from Sherborne England and diving head first into all that is Christmas retail. But there is much to miss from there, mostly my dear friends and...
 All that is English country life in the damp cool of Autumn
 Taking walks and making discoveries like these beautiful stone walls
 The architecture

 Grand entryways
 And THIS wine! I am ruined, sanctioned by the Queen and Prince of Wales, the experience is unrivaled. Did see an opportunity to have 6 bottles shipped for $600.00....not happening...
Never heard of Samphire, have you? Pronounced "sam fire". Finally I thought to myself, a very low calorie snack I loved. It's crisp/salty flavor is like a moment at the coast with salt sprays on a hot summer day.  Kale move over, this is the future, if, I can find it......
My personal design aesthetic is 'British Country House' with a masculine lean. Their antiques  leave me drooling and quite covetous! 
Many items, in VERY HEAVY suitcases came home with me, the rest, over the pond awaiting their ship. This shop is the Snooty Fox in Bridport, an antique mecca in the south west 
Here is Stanley, a vintage upholstery connoisseur. Love the British attachment to their dogs, seen everywhere!

Ready for this.......As Sylvia and I were about to leave the owner asked if we would like to view her "head". Naturally I am game, but was not prepared for this 1920's era wax head from Paris. Eerily life-like, we suddenly gasped when it we noticed the teeth were real! This led to a massive dose of curiosity and required further research into Victorian era orthodontics.
When women of means were born with less than perfect teeth, all of their teeth were removed then fitted for a sparkly, new set. Young women born with beautiful teeth, in poverty,  removed and sold their teeth.  Hmmmm, a win/win? One of my British friends was non-pulsed by my story, "oh yes she confirmed, both my Mother and Grandmother had their teeth removed!"
 OK, the goods........ well a few of them. First this bottle drying stand.
Stay tuned, these are for a client, to be separated, and wall mounted as light fixtures.....I know,  impossible to describe, can't wait to share
 This massively heavy copper Georgian wine carrier. Yes, came home in one of my suitcases! cannot imagine the weight when filled with the 6 wine bottles it accommodates.
Ah but imagine the picnics this attended, I am envisioning Ascot for one
Mid 19th c. landscape oil by Walter J. Watson, 'Morning near Llangefni Anglesey' (Wales)
Was enamored by the detail and shading
And naturally a good sky signifies a masterful artist
 We named him Benedict. This beauty will be hard to part with
I am told US customs is not as enchanted by moss' and lichens as I am. Horrors.....I have heard stories of them being scrubbed clean!
French Louis Phillipe mirror with original glass. The chiseled 'X' pattern is revealed by worn gold gilt. Personally I enjoy the warm glow of revealed Bole.
 "Brown" wood is out of favor. Painted furniture is in. So, while locals shun wood, this American pounced. My favorite is this combo chest/desk, c early1800's. The drawers are lined in newspaper dated 1835, pre Queen Victoria ascending the throne
 Alas an abundance of secret compartments yielded no secrets
Jackpot! The gnome Mother-Lode, 14 in all, most, such as this one, were charmingly weather worn and miniature. Quintessentially British!
And, a hand carved wooden dough bowl large enough to bathe a Labrador
Dreams of England are still strong
Dreams of France are within reach.
Planning nearly complete, Sylvia and I will reveal our 2015 Paris/Normandy tour of antiquing, gardens and cuisine, shortly

                                          A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all
                                                              xo Debra


  1. Debra this sounds like such a wonderful and fruitful trip to England. Love your fabulous finds! Have never heard of Samphire; though I am sure the Pauillac was delicious!! Gads the teeth story....that was a new one as well!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Loved this little vicarious trip - thanks for sharing it. The chest/desk is beautiful. I have a similar one I found on craiglist years ago. Found paperwork in it - originally from England. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! i adore samphire and had it last week even though it isn't technically in season - i had the best samphire this summer from cornwall - it was so plump and juicy but with butter it was divine.

  4. Dying over your pictures!! Amazing, so happy you are back safe and sound, everything you showered from the loot to the architecture is spectacular!

  5. Oh, Debra. I love every image. I can almost feel the damp, cool air of the season (in England) and imagine the joy when discovering one more beautiful building to photograph. I miss it so. You've landed some real treasures. The painting and the dog would not be leaving my home. (this is why I wouldn't be a very good retailer!)
    Home just in time to enjoy what I hope will be a relaxing Thanksgiving for you and yours.

  6. I want the lichen covered dog....could he be redirected to CA? Well that copper wine carrier isn't so bad either....

  7. I find myself completely in this post! I love all the bits and bobs. :)

  8. Wonderful adventure. Can you imagine selling your teeth? What's your favorite country for shopping...for your stores?

  9. I could easily live in England with my 7 dogs (including that mossy one), my wellies, and that wine wouldn't be wasted either. Love this post, Debra and so glad you had a good time.

    Xx Keri

  10. You brought home some wonderful things..but Debra...I think you should of brought home the would of looked lovely in your home...right in the entry! Ha Ha..Yikes...that was scary!

  11. I'm gonna fight Cindy for the doggie!!! What a gorgeous find. Can't you see him in my garden? Beautiful treasures, Debra. Look forward to seeing more. Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  12. cindy and loi

    benedict is indeed for sale. email me if seriously interested

  13. hello barbara

    england and france hands down! second choice scotland, ireland and belgium. hearing great things about spain lately, would love to try!

  14. Did you buy the In God We Trust banner shown in the first image of a store? Please let me know -

  15. eating all this right up...that head...holy crap, it's fabulous. now you have me once again dreaming about joining that group to france. looking forward to hearing more.beautiful finds, debra! peace to you and happy thanksgiving.


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