April 28, 2014

Open to Color?

Gates can lend security, massive charm and personalization to our properties. And when we think of the classic picket fence and gate, it is indeed white. Isn't this setting fabulous?
Black is typically tailored taking a formal turn
But what if you added a sense of whimsy with color?
Attention getting color
This is Reese Witherspoons Ojai, Ca. home. See the cat and the dog?

Iron, particularly vintage, does not always have to be in black
Turquoise in the garden is breathtaking
Subtle shades of champaign

But what if you looked around and decided to pull from a nearby color? 
See the color of the roof, the shutters?
 Should you have pink dormers, this would be appropriate!

 Or opt to add elements such as the flowers
One of my clients in Glen Ellyn, Il. 
Aubergine.......foliage, house trim, ornamentation 

Have a great week!


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