December 12, 2013

Winter Containers 2013 Part 2

I think, we are finished, decorating urns for our clients that is. Feet up, fireplace roaring, wine at my is good!
Let's take a look at some of the most recent designs
One of my favorite landscapes of ours. Instead of the foundation hugging, straight across shrubbery, we created this design at the two front picture windows flanking the front door. These grand urns are the seasonal focal point. I personally love the contrast with the tightly shorn boxwoods and a loose and exhuberant composition. Here is prior to adding the requested ornaments. 
Two looks, this one with the unbreakable ornaments and faux berries. I like both!
All the berries we use are a hard plastic. Averaging $8.00 per stem, they are a bargain compared to live winterberry or holly that blackens and drops quickly or the coated styrofoam berries that explode. The hard plastic will last for three seasons or more.
A hayrack on a barn
The rack is lined in burlap, filled with soil and TONS of greens, sticks, cones and berries. I recommend adding twice as much materials as you think you will need. After being exposed to the elements, the conifers diminish in size.
These pots are MASSIVE, see how high it comes compared to the fence height? The scale is proper when dressing a large home and expansive property.
A Boxwood 'Green mountain' is the permanent resident. Seasonally the perimeter is adorned with loosely flowing elements and colors.
Upright tree toppers for height and vertically installed birch poles
Have any window boxes? Dress them for winter! Here is a collection of faux fruit and berries for a Williamsburg effect.

German boxwood stems were installed vertically in the back of the window box, appearing to be a permenant installation. Personally I love the German boxwood, larger leaf and very long stems. 
A nearby container echoing the faux fruits
An abundance of faux berries and red sticks. This home is in darker color ways and requires a lot of "pop" to see from the road.

Look around, what else can you decorate? Pots....check.  Window boxes.....check.   Hanging and wall baskets....check.  
Making do........
When a client purchases a lone garland from Frontgate and has double doors......punt!
I am thrilled that I have a brilliant, young assistant, Agnes, who has been training alongside me this season, to great effect. These urns were her first on her own, with little advice from me. She did GOOD!
hmmmmm, this looks like a splendid Christmas cocktail...........



  1. There really is an art to outdoor containers, and you do it very well! The best, I would say. I love these posts from you, Debra. Gorgeous and always full of great tips and ideas.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. These are so beautiful and inspiring! Happy Holidays Debra! xo Nancy

  3. Debra,
    Wow, I loved the idea of the two show-stopper urns in the first two images. But, as usual, they are all inspiring. I will be working in the garden this weekend and may try my hand on one of your designs. Thank you!
    Enjoy that fire and relaxation this weekend.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by The Buzz today, Debra. Your beautiful containers put our wreaths to shame. So wish we could fly you out east and help us with our holiday decorating which has yet to be done. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    C + C

  5. I am pinning everything!! Love the looseness of your arrangements. I am so in the mood to start foraging but its freezing out. I'm waiting for a warm day.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I agree with Loi - there is most definitely an art to creating artful containers for the season. And I also agree with Carolyn and Cynthia - too bad you're not closer to us - you would have two more clients in us!

  7. Love the house and the new stylish decorator that you posted. Thanks a lot for that. Home Decor Ideas

  8. You are just too good Debra!!! Can you fly over here and work your magic on my planters that are now covered in snow??? I love the inspiration.....just stunning! Truly picture perfect.......

  9. These are so gorgeous, Debra!! I could use someone like you around here to help me decorate for the holidays!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  10. You are so very talented! Such magic, my friend!



  11. So much beautiful information, Debra and truly container gardening at its best...gorgeous!!

  12. LOVE the simple tree and birds, with the perfectly arranged bookcases as a backdrop. We have a small tree this year, for the first time, also simply decorated and with a burlap skirt. The grays of the dining room with the berries and pomegranates looks stunning. And the little plump robin with the fat tummy is so adorable, great shot! So understated and elegant, your home is just beautiful for the season! Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year. Now onto pinning my favorites from this beautiful post. beautiful garden in balcony


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