November 10, 2013

BUCKET LIST........ Scotland

A new country, all alone, and with time on my hands
Yes.......this kind of JOY!

Scotland, I love you!
It's aabout seizing the moment and giving pleasure the often can one do that? Without guilt?
I found this country to be everything I imagined and so much more, it fed my soul. The architecture.......
The music..........
The tartan, everywhere, even here, in a taxi
The daily rainbows matched my mood, the sheer joy of making a dream come true

Have to love a monogramed rain gutter, well perhaps if you are a King, one has that privilege. King George V, to be specific

The dark rugged stone matches the moody weather

See what I mean.......rainbows..........
A day of sheer freedom, to me that is, was taking the time to rent a car for the day and heading to the countryside, to get lost, and being ok with that, well with a sophisticated GPS, one can easily take the back roads
Trees draped in "velvet", a magical place indeed
Given the chance, would you be comfortable with "getting lost?"
Leaving yourself open to new sights, smells, sounds, the whole bit, fosters creativity and calms the mind enough to allow inspiration in. No phone calls, demands, or deadlines

I loved the fence AND the stone wall, the colors.........


LOCAL NEWS............

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  1. It seems you found the pot of gold!

    Gotta run and monogram my gutters!

  2. One of the place on my list, too. Just gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. Debra,
    I have longed to visit Scotland, this will have to hold me for now. What beautiful vistas and how fun to rent a car and get "lost" on the back roads of such a wonderful destination. I've also heard the people are amazingly friendly.
    It sounds like your fall has been filled with great travel.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to be there right this very minute!!

  5. Sounds wonderful! Love that picture of the cute!

  6. I loved Scotland, such a beautiful country and beautiful people! Your photographs are really good, too. They capture the spirit of the place so well.

  7. This is one country I've never visited, your post makes me think I should just "book a ticket and go."

  8. There is no place like the bonnie highlands of Scotland. My family is from there and I was lucky enough to attend the Glasgow School of Art after high school. It is a magical place and I go back as often as possible.

  9. Loved your post—beautiful! Now I need to travel.
    xo, Lissy

  10. thanks for the dreamy tour of so much splendid scotland. happy in this snowglobe at the moment but would love to visit tartanland someday.



  11. What stunning photos! I am so happy you were able to cross Scotland off your bucket list! I bet you want to go back again, right? I now have a second list of places crossed off my bucket list where I NEED to return! I hope you will join my link party next Monday...this post would be perfect! xoxo

  12. Such beautiful photos! Love all the green :))) So glad you enjoyed your time. I too love getting lost and discover local beauty, so much fun!

  13. Lovely pictures...looks like you saw some amazing sights!

  14. Oh Debra! It is a beauty and I am sure you would have enjoyed yourself to the core :)

  15. Scotland has always been one of my favorite places in the world. It is magical. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  16. Very beautiful and atmospheric! Love your photos, Debra!! I dream of owning a small stone cottage in Scotland :) But I'll settle for decorating one for a client. Wish me luck.


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