July 11, 2013

Pull up a Chair

It's a new world out there, the choices for decorating our outdoor spaces are endless. Just the furniture alone can be dizzying with all the choices. Yes, we have gained another "room" to decorate. Let's look at our options
I'll start with my favorite, concrete, and in particular Faux Bois, French for "fake wood"

Yes, indeed, this is concrete.
Long term durability propels this design forward. With the addition of colorful cushions for comfort and for "pop" personalizes this into a winner.
Only to be topped by stone
 Metal; wrought iron, cast aluminum, zinc

Tolix chairs; stackable and available in a multitude of colors
Here is one of many I purchased for the Geneva shop. Originally from Marseilles, France, I questioned the seller on how he had such an enormous stock. "Easy, all the cafe's along a certain stretch were replacing their chairs, I bought them all".      
This is what replaced them! Horrors!!!

Powder coated finishes make these maintenance free
Metal frames combined with other materials. Butterfly chairs are the whole package; stylish, lightweight and reasonably priced
Cast aluminum wing chairs
 oh so island feeling and fresh

Wicker, natural and synthetic. 
Original wicker is not hardy to the elements, best on a covered or screened porch.
Today's synthetic wicker has made enormous strides combining real wicker and resin
 I found this at Highpoint market
 Here is a close up of the old fish scale pattern, chipped and worn to great effect, a magnificent replica of a victorian chair.
 Clean lines enhance the garden arena, but do not take away or wave, "look at me", particularly important when there are so many "stars" vying for attention in the setting
The exquisite pattern up close

Teak, durable, and classic. If left to age gracefully in it's natural state you will have a weathered gray patina. Should you choose to paint, always use a solid colored stain. As stain fades, you need to only re-apply. When paint wears, it peels.

Whatever you choose, may it provide you with relaxation, contentment and joy as you survey your surroundings and say "Well Done!"


  1. Those metal bistro chairs are awesome. The surface looks like my baking pans.

  2. Debra,
    So many great examples of outdoor furniture, so little space. :D I love wicker for its comfort and style but we have a combination of wicker in our atrium and a teak-style hardwood in the back yard. I love all of the "outdoor" rooms you've shown us, especially the first image with the faux bois. The chairs you picked up in Marseilles are wonderful, not sure how comfortable, but they sure would be fun to have, especially with their story.

  3. I am in LOVE with the outdoor wicker! I love the black pieces and will be using them as a replacement for our 25 year-old pool furniture which is a seriously sad sight to see. Great post!

  4. Such lovely photos, Debra! I'm loving looking at outdoor rooms. I see so many I love on Pinterest. Here in Dallas, we'd enjoy them most when it's any season but summer!

  5. Debra,
    Great line-up! I have resin/wicker and love it, but you have to be careful to get the one that is realistic looking like real wicker.Love the extra room concept and we do utilize our patio as an extra space for entertaining, most of the year.
    Happy Friday,

  6. Hello! After viewing all of these fantastic photos, I'm ready for the weekend. Just the kind of inspiration I needed to spend time in the garden.

  7. I think all rooms, including those outside, should have seating. Your French metal chairs have such an industrial chic look - they'd be great inside or out. Crushing on them! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend, Debra. We are in Maine for a wedding. The weather is utterly delicious here!
    x Loi

  8. My favorites are the Faux Bois and the turquoise metal cafe set. I just might have a Faux Bois problem.
    xo, Lissy

  9. I would use every chair style you posted...great choices Debra! Loi is right.. your industrial chair would be good in or out...

  10. My terrace is picture #9!

    Please give credit! That is all I ask!

    Thank you! I am a decorator; after a;lll! I would love to have some new business!!!

    I love interior decorating!Penelope

    That is the only reason I would appreciate credit!!

  11. I love the faux bois furniture! How could I not?!


  12. Hi Debra,
    There are so many beautiful options in outdoor furniture these days. And, how fab to have a tree swing for 2 under the branches!!!

    Love it all!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Debra

    That fish scale chair caught my eye...it is incredible! Is that chair in one of your shops? LOVE IT!!!

  14. Such a pleasure to visit your blog! So many beautiful garden chairs! I have to say that my favourites are the blue ice cream chairs like the ones you see in so many photographs of paris street cafes. Thankyou for sharing!


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