March 24, 2013

Outdoor living space design....part 1

Today in Chicago the temps were near freezing, with a sharp biting wind and cloudy skies. But soon, our attention will be drawn outdoors. Are you ready? How is your outdoor living space? If you are up for a change, a tweak or a total re-do, stay with me as we explore the anatomy of creating your outdoor dream  room
Be it casual
Or formal. The design approach is like an indoor room

We will explore "ceilings"

The floor
 How about your furniture? The styles and options available to us are near endless
 We'll think about how you entertain and the space and furniture needed
The accessories
A fire feature?
 And of course your lighting

The options are endless!
While we go through the series, I will be designing a patio for Keri Doolittle of the blog Ivy Clad. Keri is in the Missouri Ozarks and I have not nor will be visiting her home, so the entire design process will be online. Hope you join us, I think it will be fun!



  1. A stunning array of patios Debra. The outdoor mantle is particularly lovely. Look forward to watching the transformation at Chez Doolittle.

  2. I would like to start from scratch on my outdoor space so I'm eager to see you go through this process. I have a bowling alley of a space that I need to divide into a few rooms but have to admit I'm otherwise clueless.

  3. Wow Deb that is so exciting to be designing online for us to see. I know Keri's going to be thrilled with what you do. Thanks for including us and letting us watch!


  4. Lovely images, Debra. I cannot wait to see the ideas you come up with for Keri.

  5. Just beautiful! Looking forward to following the redo, thanks for sharing.

  6. Adore the moment of epiphany when I tell a client there is an entry here, foyer here, hallway here, parlour there......

    And they GET it.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. So excited for this!!!!
    I need this soooo badly!!!
    Lucky Keri!!!!

  8. Look forward to seeing what you do for Keri and am anxiously awaiting for the lamb of March to appear!

  9. It's snowing in DC, Debra :( Thanks for all the inspirations....needed it. Look forward to your collaboration with Keri. I love the backdrop of her home. Keep us posted ~

  10. Debra,
    This will be a fun series! My patio is definitely not where I'd like it. So, I will be watching to see what ideas I might be able to interpret in my space.

    No snow yet, though we are supposed to get some today. I think Spring ran off with Summer and they are hiding out in Mexico!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. Debra,
    This will be so much fun! I love Keri and like her style so the two of you will create an enviable outdoor space, I'm certain. There were more than a few inspirational ideas in the pictures you've posted. I especially love the formal space with the black lattice and the fountain. Keri's patio looks promising.

  12. Oh Debra, I will love following along with your design process. You are such a talent and I can learn so much from you.
    Beautiful images in this post. Kerri is a smart lady for hiring you. xo Kathysue

  13. can't wait to see the project unfold, debra. i am hoping my dad and father in law will feel inspired to help my husband do something with our forlorn concrete slab out back. it's pathetic and needs some work (hmmmm....sounds familiar). :)

    smiles to you, chicago.


  14. Debra...this will be fun...Kerri must be so excited. Her new out door table will be perfect for your design...

  15. Hi Debra - I'm looking forward to seeing you work your magic with that outdoor space. It is sure to be beautiful!


  16. I wish I had seen some of these before designing my dream home! Just beautiful! x Sharon

  17. I can't wait to see what you do for Keri! This is going to be really fun! Can you come to my house when you are done!!!

  18. How I'd love a beautiful outdoor room! I'm so looking forward to following along with you here. I know it will be fantastic. Keri is a lucky lady!!

  19. love the new header!!!

    i wish i could enjoy any of those settings.
    i would still need an over coat.

    happy easter my friend! xox

  20. Debra, I wish you were my neighbor, we could sit down with a glass of wine and obsess over all of this. We could talk about it until we were so confused and all over the place. It was 44 today, and I am ready to scream. This is the year I fix my kitchen garden.


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