February 14, 2013

A Tulip planter surprise!

It's getting closer.............
Maybe some of you have already turned to tulips. certainly not here in Chicago, but my shops say spring!
But this new variety has me gobsmacked....... RUBBER tulips!  
Rubber? And I am excited?    Oh yes..........these beauties;  leaves and flower, are the most lifelike tulips I have ever seen in the faux category
The reason for the euphorbia? The can go outdoors, and they will last for YEARS!
The faux silks, of just yesterday, were great but always have the look of, well, silk
One could always add real tulips to your outdoor containers, but as you know real tulips last a week, depending on the weather. The warmer it gets, the quicker their demise. 
And now, instant and enduring spring. 
Elegant solo
Or in a mixed composition. Just add your cool season annuals (filler) and ivy(spiller), insert the tulips 
and viola! (instant thriller)

We have a good stock, while supplies last

and now......the number generator chose 13 as the winner.  Jennifer, of Pink Pagoda blog, will receive the book, the 'Scottish Country House'
Surely I wished I could have sent each of you a copy. You shared heartwarming stories and your love of this hauntingly beautiful country

Love to all,


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