May 8, 2012

Container Gardening with the Enchanted Home

Today you must visit the wildly popular and beloved blog, 'The Enchanted Home'!
Imagine my delight when Tina asked for my participation in a conversation on container planting, with all my professional tips and tricks.

Haven't been? You are in for a treat! So many of us have followed along as Tina and family dreamed, then built a truly enchanted home, an architectural gem in the old meets new French style. I could show hundred's of pictures but let these give you a glimpse into Tina's world

 Recently Tina opened her own online shop featuring timeless accessories for your home that are very reasonably priced. Visit the shop here. No doubt she is swamped with Mothers Day orders! This endearing woman inspires so many with her home, ideas and the ever popular "What would you choose?" posts.......Enjoy!

See what I mean?

Containers being a favorite topic I was indeed thrilled to talk in depth on this subject, a project all of us can participate in. I gave Tina all my view the post click here

On topic, let's discuss how to choose the right containers to match your home. If you have been following my gardening series the one repeated mantra is to "look up!" The architecture of your home should reflect and compliment all of your choices in the garden.
Today's topic is four distinct architectural styles and matching container considerations, the possibilities are endless!.

 An Arts and Craft or Bungalow style leans toward a masculine aesthetic so I would not choose a frilly urn but more of a pot. In keeping with our lessons in "looking up", in this example you could choose to take one of the homes colors and replicate that element in your choice.
The terra cotta pulls out the front door and the green and yellow pots the trim.
If a window box were to be added I would choose something non-descript as there is already enough to compete with.

The American farm house, and in this case all white, can introduce a touch of formality. A large scaled container to meet the largess of the home. Most of my choices are on pedestals, elevating the urns figuratively and literally.
My last example is white which I would never set against a white house, but think of painting it and the front door, introducing a color.......what pop!

Speaking of color, our Shingled styled home has a great door color, pull that out with pots of the same color, like these copper gems.
Look closely, if choosing the terra cotta pot, see that it pulls out color of the surrounding stone walls? Being an informal home, your choices again should be informal, loving the wooden pots above. And how about an architecturally interesting window box? Can't you just picture those charming scallops on this home?

Lastly a French home.....always a favorite. Of course the perfect choice is the 'Versailles' container as shown above, right. The originals have metal hinges and are to be passed down the generations......for a price. But many 'Versailles' styled copies abound. Loved the green one shown, this home could use another color introduction, don't you think?
How about olive jars? Filled or as is?
With this particular home window boxes could work, actually as I look closely there are tiny ones on the ledges, but, what if we take the zinc like trough and pull it under the ground floor windows? That would have presence!

Thank you Tina, for including me! It was such a delight to collaborate with you, and truly an honor!!

Still spaces available!


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