November 7, 2011

Notes from a shopper + giveaway

I LOVE to shop and travel......have you noticed?! When I was crafting my career, eons ago (had to escape the corporate world) I made a list of my passions and then developed a business plan   incorporating the things I love. A business was born with the foundation being my own store. With a new haul and the transition  beginning towards Christmas, here is a preview of my Geneva shop
I cannot bring myself to display Christmas before halloween, so i wait, these faux Christmas trees just made their appearance.
Wooden, gold gilt, frogs. Here is an idea for a gift to a friend that is living through an illness, heartbreak.......
Give a frog and include a note that says "frogs always leap forward, never back"
Our floral designer Vicki and friend, Joy with the blog 'Savvy City Farmer' did all of the display. Here is a great basket of Joy's

faux'; the fresh has also arrived in the Christmas cottage

Crazy for these chairs; red leather seat and back, the front is upholstered in vintage paisley fabric

hmmmmm, the hangers look dreadful, must work on that

original art work, love the moody atmosphere

A HUGE trend noted in London is the buying of original portraits, of a certain vintage, to create a wall of instant "relatives". This darling woman speaks "society" to me, southern, old school. 
Need a great aunt?
Faux boxwood is so versatile, the sphere in an urn is simple and stately, indoors or out. 
Vicky came up with the idea of adding one into a chandelier.  See the squares on the ceiling? Faux boxwood panels, we're just having fun!
Faux juniper berry garland. I will always be a proponent of fresh and natural, there are times and places that faux simply works best
Elements of a London library look

Many of us are such fans of frames within frames and objects within frames, it elevates whatever resides inside. To see a great example, stop in on a favorite blog of mine, Acquired Objects. Debra has an inspirational post on this very topic

My favorite candle is the NEST 'Holiday', you will LOVE this scent! I would like to send one to a reader, leave a comment, the winner will be chosen randomly 

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  1. Love Nest products. All photos are georgous and just my style.


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