March 7, 2011

Art Exhibit with Sam Rosenthal.....and more

Local Chicago Artist Sam Rosenthal at work on Wacker and Wells along the Chicago River. Take note of the size

To completion.  Stunning isn't it?  Our beloved city is bathed in an after glow of the setting sun fused with the amber cast of street lamps

Please join us at our reception for SAM ROSENTHAL

1822 W. Grand Avenue
 Friday March 11th

Here is what I hope those of you close to Chicago won't miss; our first ever art exhibit, a one-man show with Sam. An area native, who paints the urban environment and natural landscapes in a career spanning two decades. At the age of 41, he has works in public and private collections on three continents in a broad range of subject matters.
In this painting he captures the beauty of a lonely intersection on a damp night, with red and green stoplights glittering on the surface of puddles and the humid night time air in a pointillist haze
Sam paints the unexpected beauty in ordinary scenes, places you pass daily, but seldom notice

City life hustle and bustle. Who stops to absorb these scenes? Sam does, with an enhanced perception of all that surrounds us

Chicago at a distance, bathed in pinks, violets and blues signaling the end of another day. I have often heard from artist friends that one of the more difficult skills to master is the sky, the clouds, and the light

This to me, resembles the works of Edward Hopper who like Sam at times, depicts loneliness in public places. I find these eloquent cityscapes compelling and thought provoking in the format of realist art.

Who can't relate to this man's frustration? See the rearview mirror? An artists pictorial poem, or our everyday nightmare? Both i believe. I have to tell you when I saw this piece in person I was so taken; the colors grabbed my attention and the image in the mirror brought forward his sense of humor.

Here is a quick switch, and a nod to his various interests. Looks like a photograph doesn't it?, feels like a compelling breath of Spring

Friends, this wonderful show only lasts ten days, so be sure to see it while you can, and if you can, I hope you make it to our opening, too, where you can meet Sam while enjoying an evening of libations.

It should be a wonderful evening!

To RSVP, Call Bart 312-226-6654, or email him

Want to see more of Sam's work? Go to his website


These twinkling eyes belong to Clive Farrell a highly respected entrepreneur, philanthropist and world renown butterfly expert whom is currently building the largest butterfly sanctuary in the world near London.

And tomorrow I have the pleasure of meeting him at his home with my friend and hostess, Sylvia who is a personal friend. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity I cannot wait to share.

His office/studio is on stilts overlooking a 100+ acre meadow, a greenhouse filled with butterflies and an authentic medieval kitchen garden.

THEN.........on Wednesday a phone conversation with a very special woman, someone I have never met but have always been fond of.....Sharon....of a favorite blog: MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME.
Sharon is British and lives in France. The photo above is her garden, bed and yes, her horse, all featured in her current blog post.
When I first found her blog I was smitten and as I came to know Sharon a real fondness grew. If you have not discovered her blog, take a look, you too will be dreaming of your own country home in France.

Till then, cheers!

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