January 10, 2011

A year of magical thinking.............

A new year           a fresh start          
        chasing dreams           taking risks

New years resolutions? not for me.......New years dreams?........all over it!

My life quote is    "Leap and the Net will appear" 
In essence,  a belief in yourself with a willingness to take risks

Do you have a life quote?  One that sums up your being and your outlook?    

As many of you know 2010 had spectacular ups and downs, all shared here.

What to do? Realize that life indeed is short and seize the day. I am ready to stand back up and do so.

2011 will be the year of chasing dreams, of magical thinking

I am still away at school learning perspective drawing. Utter failure the first go-around, eight years ago. But the ability to draw remains a dream..............so I am in Las Vegas taking it again, for two grueling weeks. Wish I could say this go-around is successful, still waiting for that "AH HA" moment

Then home for a bit before I take off to England for my grand dream, to write a book. A major commitment of time and resources with no guarantee of success. A dear friend Sylvia, in Sherbourne England said "Come, come and get away, write your book here!"  
Ask yourself............how do you know if you do not try?

What are your dreams? Are you currently in pursuit? 
If not, what is holding you back?

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