November 13, 2010

Chasing Dreams

 We all have dreams, plans and goals.................what are yours? Is it something that still eludes you?

 Being an endless planner and one with long and short term goals may make me seem serious, but I am also a dreamer. Truly believing that pursuing my dream will indeed transform my life.

 I long to go from this

                To this!
My dream has always been to draw. 
I want to make paper or canvas come alive. Wouldn't you agree that the ability to draw is another form of communication? Ever try to explain a killer chandelier with words only? How about an amazing interior, or a stunning garden? It is for me, a handicap..........but no more

Since dreams are for chasing, I will be off  for two weeks in January studying under the masterful Mike Lin's intensive graphic workshop to learn the skills of hand rendering. 
How is this for a before and after! And as mentioned in TWO WEEKS
Mike's definitive workshop is the fourteen day straight session for 12-16 hours per day!

But see what you can accomplish

Here is Mike observing his students
Here is Mike drawing blind-folded.
But why are the workshops called 'Be Loose?' Well, these workshops not only teach you how to draw but are transformative.  In order to free your mind to draw, one must become "loose", adjust your attitude, while increasing one's confidence and grabbing life by the horns, in other words.........this is life changing.
Our proud master at the end of the session displaying and critiquing the after drawings.

He is an  author who has taught all around the world. To Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers, Interior Designers, students and numerous other professionals.

But...........this is not for the faint of heart. I feel as though I am entering the film 'Karate Kid'
Here is a child.
How do I know all of this?  
I took this workshop once before. There, I said it (my head is hanging low). Everyone excelled but me. Teasingly I asked Mike (whom I now consider a friend) if there were discounts for returning students?
"No, you fool around too much!"
And that was the truth. For some unknown reason I did fool around, with all my new-found friends....But 
    N O T  T H I S  T I M E!

Take a look at Mike in action. Being a master, he makes this look effortless but it is part of a technique taught.

                      geneva shop before
One of the reasons to acquire drawing skills is to do our exterior stylizing and landscape designs
                      Rendering of Geneva shop after

An associate in my firm, Stephanie Fania is our in-house artist. She draws and is wonderful conveying my thoughts. Telling her where to put what, what to change, eliminate............and she understands horticulture and architecture. Mind you Stephanie will NOT be replaced. I may fool around but I am not a fool, this takes practice.

                                     Friends warehouse before in North Carolina
In this instance Thomas sent photo's, filled out our survey and without ever being on site we proposed the following with minor changes such as paint and landscaping with minimum architectural details.

But with life's twists and turns or small interior design appointments by myself I long to draw.

Care to join me? Drop me a line. But I have promised myself this time, no partying!


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