January 14, 2010

Bringing Back the Goods!

I am back, back from my favorite adventure...........hitching up my trailer and heading south.
Meeting up with old friends, returning to favorite haunts, seeking new ones. Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky........with a sense of freedom and excitement.
What will I find? The unknown is part of this grown-up treasure hunt!

Not a fan of chain restaurants except for this one.............my southern heritage; grits, a honkey-tonk jukebox blaring and a cast of characters. The sighting of the first Waffle House signals my arrival in the South. There is an intersection in Georgia with one on each side!

First stop, the Atlanta gift show and my perpetual favorite is Mark Sage's showroom. The muted color palette, organic materials and over-the-top creativity. Don't you just love the three chandeliers over the table?

My dear friend Richard is an artist in concrete and my craving for anything "faux bois" is more than satisfied. In the center is a console in the shape of tree trunks with a removable top. The "wood" surround was gathered from my woods at home by Richard. He has also created a garden bench in the same mode by shortening the legs.

More faux bois; a free standing planter on the right and an incredible planter on the left.

The details are impressive, crazy for this owl of his.

Nearby is a sweet heart of a man, Dave, another artisan of great merit. How about this table with a zinc top?

This bench is a study in old fashioned craftsmenship. Notice the thickness of the top. I cannot conceive of the geometry involved in perfectly balancing the angled legs on the massive top.

Some pieces are a study, in sepia tones or black and white, allowing your eye no distractions but the beauty of the lines.

Here is Dave's table/island back at the shop. (note to self; take a photography course)

Love this buffet.........circa 1850's, limed oak, Provence........with lovely details.

In the shop.

Leather settee, England, circa 1880's, perfectly aged, mint condition

The perfect tobacco patina.

Then, a magical evening............hosted by Steve McKenzie, President and CEO of the renowned Larson-Juhl in conjunction with Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar who were in town for a framing event at the Larson-Juhl campus.
An event I would not have missed but an important 85th birthday party brought me home early.  I had the very good fortune to be included in the dinner at JCT Kitchen along with bloggers attending the event.

JCT Kitchen is a sophisticated four star restaurant featuring "Southern Farmstead Cooking". Think grits, again, and shrimp........the best, ever! If in Atlanta, highly recommended.

Our engaging and gracious host, Steve McKenzie. I was shocked to discover that Steve had once lived in Geneva, Illinois.......we had many stories to share......

The darling Eddie Ross with Jennifer of Peak of Chic.

"My Crush" Jaithan Kochar (he already knows that). On the left is Rhoda of Southern Hospitality and to the right is Jen of Fiddle Dee Dee

Hiding is Marian of Haute Travels, a fun blog!

Group Photo. As we said good-bye Steve and staff presented everyone with a lovely gift, beautifully packaged. This man is a gem of whom I hope to know further. THANK YOU STEVE!

  Back on the road..............the adventure continues..............one never knows what you will see or find.
Case in point........wait, it gets worse

Yes, that is what you think.....some of you still stumped?  Look closer, see the hooves, see the decal.....bottom right?

Yep, 'THE MOO MOBILE!' Available for proms, weddings and yes, it also claimed.....funerals!

The newly freshened shop.........what? still reeling from the funeral thought?

  I get on obsessions, for unknown reasons. This trip was string;  hemp, cotton, twill.........love the organic nature of these spools.

The other frequent find was nudes, always classic, always timeless. This is an original.

The same multi-talented artist works in many mediums and styles. Here are his bee-skeps on burlap. Take note of the top "hanger" crafted from chain.

Know what these are? Actually there is a pair............one for each side of the window. Am mad for "shutters" indoors. Did you guess?
Chicken ramps! yes, (sterilized) chicken ramps turned shutters. But I took it one step further.

With the addition of these sconces, vintage elegance and major texture!

  One of my favorite discoveries was this already framed vintage German chart (Mary, you are a genius!). Something I learned from Steve of Larson-Juhl is the popularity of framing objects. His website features "recipes" of inspiration.


Details of a limed chest from France, circa mid 1800's.

Partial to this leather chair as it is handcrafted by two girlfriends (there is a pair).........I realize my good fortune to know so many talented people. Their artistic talent brings a flavor of individuality to my business.

Mushrooms by Richard


Oooops! I will be in trouble again.......posting this photo......Sister could not make this trip, ........but everyone asked for her!

Next stop........NASHVILLE!
There is still room............hope to see y'all!
And yes............Sister will be there

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