September 17, 2009

"LUST-HAVES" Wellies

I have never considered myself a fashion trend-setter. But when your long-time favorite becomes the celebrity "sex kitten" look, one can only sigh, in a slightly bored manner and say "well, I knew it all along".
Now if only I looked remotely as good...................

The standard bearer of all Wellington's is by Hunter. Easily identified with the front label, classic design and buckled top. These are mine and the 'classic green' is the most popular.

If you are not familiar, Hunter began in Scotland in 1856 when an American entrepreneur, Mr. Henry Norris sought a location to bring his boot making business overseas. Beginning with 4 employees, the 1870's saw a surge of popularity and soon there was a staff of 600, developing into the premier Wellington manufacturer in the world, particularly after stocking troops in both World Wars.

Hunter is the preferred brand and a symbol of English country life, enjoyed by working farmers, the Royal family, keen gardeners, fest-goers, celebrities and landed gentry alike. Expanding on their line is a variety of styles and colors but now they have partnered with other institutions creating additional "lust-haves"

Don't you love these! Partnering with Jimmy Choo, the embossed crocodile pattern with a leopard print lining has been a sensation world-wide. Originally a limited edition, Jimmy Choo and Hunter have decided to release them one more time.
Deciding I need to treat myself (don't we all, sometimes?) this years Christmas present is pre-determined. Do not hesitate................the last series will arrive late November/early December and you must put your name on a waiting list. I called the local Jimmy Choo in Chicago and Rodger was most accommodating. 1-312-255-1170.

Partnering with the British institution Fortnum and Mason, here is F&M's brand color.
Never been? If in London it is a "must see". Established in 1707 they are renown for tradition. Uniformed gentlemen open the door and greet you upon arrival. You enter the massive food court and up a few steps for a proper English tea. Several stories high, you will find most anything required to live a proper life, elegantly.

after Lady Diana's death and the accusations flung by Mr. al-Fayed, the Royal Warrant was pulled and the remaining gentry fled to F&M en-masse.

A lovely day would consist of a famous "hamper" prepared by F&M, and a respite at Kensington Gardens in your wellies.

Lesser known in this country is the Superga wellie made in Italy. Slightly different look, but a bit of a lower cost knock-off. Prefer the buckling effect on the Hunter's.

This makes my heart go "ping!" The lace up wellies by Ilse Jacobsen of Denmark, in a variety of colors and below, in heights.

More of a riding boot but how beautiful is this? Another style by Ilse Jacobsen.

Exceptionally well made in quality leathers and seude is the 'Galway' by Dubarry of Ireland. Water resistant, not water proof, they sell for $439.00. Not for mucking the stalls............

Another classic, this by Burberry, yes, you could have guessed that.............

But did you know this was a Burberry? More riding boot than wellie, just too good to pass up.

When couture gets involved you know they must always take it to the extreme's. What are your thoughts on this style?

Prada on the street

Why doesn't this thrill me..............hmmmm, too staid? Too short? LL Bean $59.00

But here is an all weather that is handsome; burnished rubber from J.Crew $75.00

Saying "I do"

Squealing, wait "me too".......................which wellie would you choose?


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