August 28, 2013


 So many design books by so many designers enter and pass through my mind with minimal notice, occasionally my attention is snagged and my interest piqued. Then here comes the publication of the design tome of Tom Scheerer's work, a triple win with the inspiration of Tom's aesthetic, written by Mimi Read, whose articulate prose and probing mind makes a great read only enhanced by the photography of Francesco Lagnese.  Brilliant!

In advance of the September 10th release, take a sneak peek with me and as usual I am always fond of giving away my reviewed books, simply leave a comment.
Per the author, Mimi Read, "His decorating looks a great deal like him. It's tall and commanding but often quiet. It's smart, correct and breezy, chic, well edited - and just a touch eccentric. It balances." 

In an age in which houses exhibiting unchecked exuberance, high drama, or conspicuous luxury get all the attention, he has cultivated his own more restrained brand of chic, a look he describes as "cheerful" and "no nonsense". Refreshing isn't it?
But his rooms are so much more.........
Whether urban, country or beach there are ever present, the element of organic nature with a  classicism, old fashioned decorating and a clean modernist sensibility. This entryway would please me personally to come home to.......stunning in a quiet way 

Channel Albert Hadley, David Hicks and Billy Baldwin that he updates with his own life experiences and his era

Tom Scheerer is known to favor natural material particularly pecky cypress, cork and stone, cuban swirl tiles and of course, found objects
Mad for this wallpaper pattern, a signature in his rooms

This delicious coffee table book is difficult to giveaway, but like items in my shops, a moment of possession is all i need.
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