March 24, 2013

Outdoor living space design....part 1

Today in Chicago the temps were near freezing, with a sharp biting wind and cloudy skies. But soon, our attention will be drawn outdoors. Are you ready? How is your outdoor living space? If you are up for a change, a tweak or a total re-do, stay with me as we explore the anatomy of creating your outdoor dream  room
Be it casual
Or formal. The design approach is like an indoor room

We will explore "ceilings"

The floor
 How about your furniture? The styles and options available to us are near endless
 We'll think about how you entertain and the space and furniture needed
The accessories
A fire feature?
 And of course your lighting

The options are endless!
While we go through the series, I will be designing a patio for Keri Doolittle of the blog Ivy Clad. Keri is in the Missouri Ozarks and I have not nor will be visiting her home, so the entire design process will be online. Hope you join us, I think it will be fun!

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