April 16, 2017

Cheers from England

"Are you crazy!"   (mad as a hatter)
"You cannot go away now, this is busy season!"
"What were you thinking?!?!" 
I was not seeking permission, really,  I had already booked a flight at the cusp of our busy season,.......I am going to call it my personal Self Care tour.  
Before madness reigns when landscape season begins and collides with my interiors business.

Sometimes an escape is all one needs in the end……ahem, literally. Stepping off, pulling back, changing scenery can not only lift one's spirits, but calm the mind and stir creativity, by leaps.
This Clematis was in full, glory. Spring in England is stunning
Visiting with my friend, Fleur, to see the garden in spring. On our garden tour this is one of our stops, the full extent of her garden, then a tour inside the cottage, with tea & coffee. Fleur is also a fine artist, her paintings are on full display. This is a treat as she mentioned a looming retirement with a move to the city & sadly an end to this favorite
Sylvia and I are busy planning our two tours this year;

 Gardens and Antiquing Sept. 13th - 22nd

         London Design & Antiquing 
                Oct.4th - 11th

I am excited for this maiden tour, loving every activity planned.







Need a creativity dose? JOIN US!

Do consider the madness excuse when you too need a get-away....so important for the soul.                                
NOW, sigh......coming home to a back log.....well worth it!

          Want to get away?  debra@scentimentalgardens.com


 LOCAL NEWS……Look who is coming!  

Kristy Woodson Harvey, along with her mother, Beth Woodson, writes the blog DESIGN CHIC, and chic it is! 

I am thrilled to meet Kristy and welcome her to my shop on her long book tour cross country.

A celebration in all things southern, we are welcoming this renown woman on the launch of her third book.......
Slightly South of Simple.  Limited signed editions are available on a first come basis, call to reserve  630.232.1303

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