April 15, 2013

France 2013.....want to get away?!

 We interrupt our series to bring you France 2013!      September 21 thru 29th
Join Sylvia, of the UK, and myself as we journey south to the rural region known as the Dordogne. This is the land of dizzying heights to the majestic river Dordogne that wends it way through charming villages
The land of Chateaux, gastronomic France, and medieval France with sumptuous markets........everywhere!
 Within this land are ancient caves perfect for aging cheese, abundant bakeries, mushrooms, and ground zero for truffles
 We will explore many gardens, both public and private. On this leg of the journey a delightful local and friend Victoria, will join our group, sharing the local haunts, best cafe's, markets, shopping, antiquing......  she will also share her otherworldly gardens and home.
After four nights in the Dordogne it is onto Paris for an additional three nights. A city like no other, a soul enriching walking city. Visit a sidewalk cafe, museums, cathedrals, famous department stores, markets, people watching..........it's endless!
 And did I mention ample time for shopping? The iconic brands we adore, the charming finds we discover at a tiny boutique tucked down a side street....... Last year, for me, it was shoes, coming home with 5 pairs i adore, most found at street markets for a song.
And least of which is the antiquing throughout our travels as we attend open air markets, brocante's, antique shops of great charm and the ever fun Clingacourt market in Paris!
Being a boutique tour, we are limited to 12 for first come first serve.
Merci beaucoup!
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