May 18, 2015

You, and You and You............

My heart is full, my gratitude, enormous. The death of my Mom remains surreal and deeply sad. I have however been overwhelmed with love, kindness and support. To each of you a massive thank you. Too many to mention.
My dear friend Lindy in New York sent a felted cardinal and a card with the message below. I was not aware of this lore, were you? I will be watching

A cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed. When you see one, it means they are visiting you. They usually show up when you most need them or miss them. They also make an appearance during times of celebration as well as despair to let you know they will always be with you. Look for them, they'll appear.

The support of women, particularly those who have walked down this path reached out. Two bloggers in particular sent private notes. So in case you are not aware of these talents I thought I would share 

The lovely Penelope is a talent I have watched from afar with admiration. An interior designer and gardener extraordinaire, she lives in Montecito, California. After a few touching emails Penelope declared "We are friends, lucky me. Feast your eyes on her home!

Just imagine an evening here!

Visit Penelope's blog HERE

Do you have someone in your profession that you look up to, hold in the highest esteem? Mine is Deborah Silver of Detroit Garden Works. In my eyes, she is the greatest garden designers/entrepreneur, hands down. That Deborah was even aware of my blog was a pleasant surprise. During this busy season she shared her experience of losing her Mother. Enjoy..... 

On my to do list is to head to Detroit to visit this emporium of genius. A separate division is 
Branch Studio where the most brilliant metal works are hand crafted

A fountain!

And an artist with containers

I highly recommend Deborahs Blog HERE. She is very giving and sharing of her knowledge

And the winner is Margie, please email me with your details

With love,

May 7, 2015

Life's Passages and Lessons Learned

On May 1st my Mom died.......

I knew this day would come, if life follows it's prescribed order, but denial is a better friend.
That it came following a fall, brain surgery and ultimately hospice, was not in the plan, but what is? We entered a roller coaster world of hope, despair, hope.......There was still so much to say, much too late.

I started and stopped this post so often, it barely reflects my original thoughts. But in the end wanted to honor Mom, she would like this post. As Mom's do, she thought I was a brilliant writer, I am not.
 All emotions are in free fall, heightened, raw. I feel adrift..........I started to call her today.
Moving forward looks different without my confidant, my cheerleader.
No doubt like all Mothers, mine encouraged me that I was capable of anything I chose and celebrated my achievements, and soothed my fears and failures.  She loved to hear what I was up to always with a wink and a wince "Oh you didn't!" was the frequent refrain

As the process moves along in a grotesque slow motion, I find myself experiencing and learning compassion from others; the words, the gestures and my vow to share those lessons when needed, for those around me. I also learned that Hospice is run by earth angels.

So Mom, this post is for you. Your spirit shines on
                                                   Last Christmas, my sister, her sons and myself

                                                   Last St. Patricks Day (notice the lady on the left!)
                                                   Celebrating a friends birthday 3 weeks ago
                           Last years Kentucky Derby Day, an event she started in her complex

My heart goes out to Julie of T & G Interiors who also just lost her Mom, then went through a rough bout of pneumonia. Keep her in your thoughts if you will

Thank you for listening dearest readers. May I take this time to say you mean the world to me.

April 16, 2015


When I am approached by a publisher to review a book they typically provide a single copy that I review and give-away. Frances Lincoln Limited provided two, one for you and one for me,
 am I ever glad. 
Author Ian Hodgson wrote THE book that every gardener will want....and need, including this landscape designer.
 This book presents more than 300 of the best garden designs of the last ten years from 50 top garden designers, the top British designers. But Mr. Hodgson also sought out the work of lesser-known designers whose innovating designs deserve wider recognition. As a fellow member of the Society of Garden Designers (British), he is in the company of the best of the best

The process of garden design requires many thousands of small decisions in pursuit of the most appealing solutions for outdoor spaces and this tome makes that complex process simpler by offering  step-by-step considerations that are both doable and within your budget constraints
One is guided effectively and imaginatively through the process

 Outdoor Rooms
 Planting styles

 Adding Art
 Ideas for children
Supporting wildlife
 Imaginative mulch. With all the cones that drop here makes this within my realm of possibility
 How to do all of the above and so much more by yourself or how to hire a garden designer

 All you need to do to win is be a subscriber and leave a comment, a random generator will choose a winner.

Trust me, this should be in every gardener's library, the how to's and the inspiration photo's are fresh and exciting. Thank you Ian Hodgson!
Had to include today's photo, my beloved Cooper enjoying a spring day

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