October 20, 2014

Project Design.......Gallery Wall Finale

Here we go, all the reveals..........



Too lazy to paint the whole wall, but I actually prefer this look. We used Amy Howard 'Credenza' One Step Paint. This effect creates a true focal point
TA DA........
Our shops British Gallery Wall. And as I write this I am in the airport waiting to board for London, hence my homage
Whaling etchings from the early 1800's
A new giclee'
For the love of 3 dimension, which I believe imparts a depth of interest, is this iron fox head. At a long ago English hunting lodge, two stone columns framed the entrance bearing this fox on one and a dog on another. I kept the dog
A new giclee
An er;y 1800's oil from Belgium and of course a pheasant to complete the scene.
The trunk of a viscountess in Dorset England
Imagine an English Barristers country home office...........
Hope you enjoyed!
Being that I have gallery walls on the brain, I just returned from the framers. One of my collections is Ephemera with a massive amount of French documents, letters and envelopes at the moment
 Linen surround

Envelopes dated 1916 sandwiched between glass

 Isirdi, a current artist in France whose work speaks to me. these are massive

 My friend Lisa had the opportunity to go to Cuba. Love the exuberant colors of these movie posters

It has been a whirlwind week, starting off with a jaunt through the High Point Furniture Market. Look at this gallery wall at Bobo Intriguing Objects, divine isn't it?

If you have not already been, check out the reveals of these talents below


October 13, 2014

PROJECT DESIGN....Gallery Wall Part 2

 This design project brings us to week 2, the "before".......

 My project, being in my shop, presented numerous walls in need and a broad collection of art, mirrors, and objects to choose from. We had a large shelf here that ended up looking cluttered, the room had lost it's focus.

We call this room the 'Ralph' room, where we strive for a Ralph Lauren look and this was another inspiration

Want to join in on the fun? Where to start when creating a gallery wall......

Do you have a theme or collection to display? 
Or would you want to create a collected over time look? 
The same frame keeps your attention on the art
Will you incorporate objects, for an interesting 3D effect?
Objects only, a killer look don't you think? 
And don't forget to consider lighting

Since I have gallery walls on the brain, here is one of my walls for a favorite client, Sharon. Facing a tall blank wall I brought in these large photographs of books, added a tall apple picking ladder; rustic vs contemporary, a different take on a book case
What makes a dream client? Open to ideas, takes part in decisions and can make decisions, fun to work with!

The reveal is for next monday the 20th, traveling to London on that day. Will do my best to be here!


Don't forget to check out these talented participants and see what they are up to

                                                                     by Annie Diamond
                                                                     by Cindy Hattersley
                                                                       by Kelly

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