April 30, 2017

Inspiration + a Gift

Inspiration........comes in many many forms, let's explore a few

We are beyond excited to welcome the talented Kristy Woodson Harvey to the shop for a Southern Soiree celebrating the release of her third book, Slightly South of Simple.     
 As she travels on her book tour, we are very very lucky, Kristy is only visiting 2 spots in Illinois, WOO HOO! 

Many know Kristy as the co-uthor of the renown interior blog,  Design Chic.

These days, I have limited time to read, sadly. So my go to is typically non-fiction. The reviews for Kristys first two books were resoundingly positive with glowing reviews. So, yes, I have begun this novel..and cannot put it down!

This will be fun, please come and help us receive Kristy!


Ok, Ok, Ill do it!
I have been a hold out, with the constant refrain, I am too busy to add one more social media to my schedule.
 As many of my favorite bloggers kept disappearing from the blog scene, I knew where they were.
Then I received a letter from an Angel,
I have noticed you are not on Instagram, I love your shop, and we can help each other. More about this woman later.

Well, here I am. And l o v i n g every bit of this, Utterly hooked! I can follow and engage with some of my favorites around the world of Design, Landscaping, Antiques, Travel......and they respond!

Here are a few of my favorites .........

SHAMELESS............  HERE IS MINE.  

To anyone that joins me from now, until Friday the 5th, you will be entered to win, the prize shown way below

      .......... Soul Style ..........

Twice a month, I send out an email called 'Soul Style',
This is separate from my blog, it is silent, a visual diary of images that appealed to me. I would love if you joined us.

Another chance to win…….anyone that sends their email to receive our soul style posts, is eligible to win

drop me a line……,debra@scentimentalgardens.com

Here is a portion of the most recent..........white

The Gifts?

Two people will be eligible to win the latest invention by NEST candles, a liquidless diffuser.

The silver holder is the vessel for highly scented sticks. One stick for a powder room, 2+ for a large living room, these last & last, and last……., simply replace the sticks. 
Choose your scent, Bamboo, Grapefruit or Moroccan Amber. Value, $60.00

Thank you for visiting!


    May 8th, 5:30-7:30

blogger of DESIGN CHIC & author

    reserve your signed book             ................630.232.1303.....................

A southern soiree with 
regional foods & libations.........


  1. Dear Debra,
    It makes me so happy to see you on IG. I know it's not quite the same as the detailed blog posts, but in this ever changing world, it brings a quick ray of sunshine into your readers day!

  2. Going to ADD you right NOW!Even though I am in a deleting stage.......I find over 400 to follow is TOO many!YES< the BIG GUNS do respond!!!!!!It is a JOY to travel the world visiting GARDENS, OpERA HOUSE's and MORE.......with my COFFEE!
    WHAT STORE DO YOU OWN?I have a friend in CHICAGO...............

  3. This post is positively yummy! I wish I could be there for Kristy's book signing!! Miss You!!

  4. Thank you SO, SO, SO much for the Slightly South of Simple shout-out. You've made my day!

  5. Debra,

    I still follow a lot of blogs because of posts like this. But I am so excited to see you on Instagram! Sign me up for your email Soul Style! It looks and sounds perfect! pineconesandacorns@gmail.com.

    Sadly I was not able to join you for this fabulous event but I am so excited that my sister Jean was able to attend!

    Have a great night!
    xo Elizabeth